Good Bye

Bryce Edwards blogs:

Not only is the Church facing all sorts of internal ructions relating to its financial affairs and control, but the Christian political party that is an outgrowth of Brian Tamaki’s church – the – has just applied to cancel its registration with the Electoral Commission, and hence dissolve itself. The – one of three Christian-based parties that sought the party vote in the 2008 election – originally went under the name of ‘ New Zealand’, until a major reconfiguration occurred prior to the 2008 general election.

Yay. The last thing I want is a party linked to a cult being in Parliament.

The Family Party in 2008 got only 0.35% of the vote and in 2005 Destiny itself got 0.62%.

Hopefully this means Arch-Bishop Brian has given up on ruling the country, and will leave most of us alone, and just go back to (financially) preying on his victims parishioners.

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