The urinating Mayor walked past a public toilet

This little screenshot has the red line showing the path you would take to go from GPK to the Council offices, as Mayor Williams did on Thursday. It is not a long distance – around 500 metres.

Now we already know that the Mayor could have used the toilets at GPK. We also know he could have accessed the Council building, and used their toilets, rather than urinate outside.

But what many may not know, is that he would have actually walked past a set of public toilets – where the thick green arrow is. According to locals, there is a tourist i-site at this location, with a public toilet.

So just 200 metres after passing perfectly good public toilets, the Mayor decides he needs to urinate outside his own Council building. This just makes it worse.

I note with amusement that the website has a front page poll on whether there are enough liquor bans in public areas. Maybe they need a liquor ban within 500 metres of the Council offices!

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