50 years for abortion doctor killing

AFP reports:

A BORN-AGAIN Christian who said he killed a prominent US doctor to save the lives of unborn babies has sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 50 years.

, 52, was pulled out of the courtroom screaming “you have the blood of babies on your hands”‘ after the sentence was handed down.

Mr Roeder should be more concerned about his own blood. He is obviously totally unrepentant and would kill again if released, so it is good he will effectively never be freed.

In a move that critics feared could provide cover for acts of political violence, Roeder had sought to convince jurors he was only guilty of voluntary manslaughter.  Under Kansas law, voluntary manslaughter can apply when actions are taken based on an unreasonable but honest defence that he or she is preventing a greater harm.

Now does that sound familiar? Few things are more dangerous than someone who thinks their religious beliefs place them above the law.

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