A new system for comments

Starting from next week, we’re going to have a new premium content system for comments on .

Readers will be able to access posts my me for free, as per normal. That will not change.

But if you wish to read or make a comment, there will be a small micro-charge, as a contribution towards the running costs of the blog.

The comments will be behind a premium content firewall, and there will be three levels of access:

  1. Bronze – Read only – $1/month
  2. Silver – Ability to make up to three comments a day – $2/month
  3. Gold – Ability to make up to 30 comments a day – $3/month

We’ll be using paypal primarily as the method of payment, as most people already have a paypal account. Credit cards will also be okay, but at this stage we can’t do automatic payment or direct debits.

The money from comments access will primarily be used to fund professional discussion board software that will allow easy moderation, tracking of all comments from an author, most popular comments highlighted and a few extra features you’ll see next week.