Fisking Trevor

Trevor at Red Alert says:

The case in point, if the facts as alleged by Norman are accurate, is a pretty clear cut one. as a farmer in Canterbury has a case currently before Ecan to increase his water rights and therefore the value of his land. He takes part in the Cabinet debate and decision to scrap Ecan and short circuit the system for the decision relating to his farm. About as obvious a conflict as one could get and certainly well over the perceived conflict test.

Now I know Trevor doesn’t let the facts get in his way, but this one is particularly untrue. The facts:

  1. David Carter has no case or application before ECAN to increase his water rights and indeed never has. Total fiction. This is a matter of public record.
  2. The consent to take water from the Hurunui River for his Cat Hill farm is an existing historical one that was transferred into Carter’s name when he bought the property 4 years ago. It has not changed since then.
  3. The Cat Hill property will not be affected either negatively or positively if the Hurunui Water Project proceeds as the farm due to its topography and the fact that it is outside of the catchment zone cannot and would not be irrigated further.
  4. Trevor’s claim that there is a conflict of interest that needed to be declared is utter bullshit. He knows this himself as he has said “If the facts are accurate” which are weasel words for when you know they are not.

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