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The Herald reports:

Pushing the line that the Government’s tax changes would “benefit the few, not the many”, Mr Goff said the Government’s promise that taxpayers would be compensated for any increase in did not stack up.

“You are going to get a one-off compensation for GST in advance. But what you know is that might barely meet the cost of GST, but then it will run out. And in a couple of years’ time, there won’t be the compensation, but there will still be the GST.”

I’ve read this many times, and still don’t know what Goff means. The increase in superannuation does not last for a year only. The Government doesn’t take it back at the end of the year. And the tax cuts lift after tax wages which will lift super permanently.

A Grey Power delegate rose to his feet, saying he loved what Mr Goff had to say, but asked if it meant that he would be reversing the GST increase if he was elected to Government.

Mr Goff replied: “I know the answer you want to hear to that. But I’m going to give you an honest answer: I can’t tell you at this point.

“If I was to promise you I could do that, without knowing whether we will have the financial means to be able to do that, I would be misleading and I won’t do that,” he said.

That is a no, in other words.

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