The special Electoral Select Committee

Last week the House established a special Electoral Legislation Select Committee, to consider the electoral finance and the referenda bills.

It is set up to specifically include all seven Parliamentary parties, to try and continue the consensual approach Simon Power has fostered in this area. The difference between this and Labour’s approach to the old Electoral Finance Act is massive.

According to Dave at Big News, the committee is:

  1. National (4) – (Chair), Hekia Parata, Paul Quinn, Chris Tremain
  2. Labour (3) – Lianne Dalziel, Pete Hodgson, Darren Hughes
  3. Green (1) – Metiria Turei
  4. Maori (1) – Rahui Katene
  5. ACT (1) – John Boscawen
  6. United (1) – Peter Dunne
  7. Progressive (1) – Jim Anderton

Not that I expect too many divisions on partisan lines, but note the CR parties have six members, CL five members and Maori Party one member. So neither CR nor CL have a majority.

The appointment of Amy Adams as Chair is notable, as she has only been an MP for just over a year. Amy is hugely competent, and a very strong performer. I expect she will be the first of the Class of 2008 to become a Minister.

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