Youth MPs 2009

April 22nd, 2010 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Congratulations to 122 Youth MPs, who have been selected for the . They are:

Nominating MP Party Youth MP School or Organisation
Amy Adams National Hannah Singh Darfield High School
Hon Jim Anderton Progressive Nathan Jones Burnside High School
Jacinda Ardern Labour Allanah Colley Western Springs College
Shane Ardern National Gareth Power-Gordon New Plymouth Boys’ High School
Chris Auchinvole National Tessa Farley Golden Bay High School
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi National Akash Rampal Auckland University
Hon Rick Barker Labour Benjamin Carpenter Central Hawke’s Bay College
Carol Beaumont Labour Cameron Jacob-Sauer One Tree Hill College
David Bennett National Michael Hawley Hamilton Boys’ High School
Hon Paula Bennett National Sunil Datt Sharma Waitakere College
Dr Jackie Blue National Rebecca Quansah Lynfield College
Chester Borrows National Jiaxin Zhou Wanganui High School
John Boscawen ACT Hazzel Brown Otahuhu College
Simon Bridges National Danielle Lucas Tauranga Girls College
Hon Gerry Brownlee National Anna Rumbold St Margaret’s College
Brendon Burns Labour Billy Clemens Papanui High School
Dr Campbell Calder National Hannah Lai Manurewa High School
Hon Chris Carter Labour Ikkichok Dam Auckland University
Hon David Carter National Alexander Summerlee Canterbury University
Hon John Carter National Carolyn Henry Kaitaia Abundant Life School
Hon Steve Chadwick Labour Benjamin Hingston Rotorua Lakes High School
Charles Chauvel Labour Andrew Coutts Onslow College
Dr Ashraf Choudhary QSO Labour Shameela Nassery Rutherford College
David Clendeon Green Phoebe Balle Western Springs College
Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman National Alice Markie Birkenhead College
Hon Judith Collins National Kerri Duthie Papakura High School
Hon Clayton Cosgrove Labour Holly Tullett Rangiora High School
Hon David Cunliffe Labour Joel Walshman Avondale College
Clare Curran Labour Talia Marama Ellison Queens High School
Hon Lianne Dalziel Labour Joseph Chamberlain Aranui High School
Kelvin Davis Labour Tony Davis
Jacqui Dean National Ella Borrie Cromwell College
Catherine Delahunty Green Sarah Darroch Onehunga High School
Hon Sir Roger Douglas ACT Andrew Broady-Clark ACG Parnell College
Hon Peter Dunne United Future Kieren Gera Tawa College
Hon Ruth Dyson Labour Benezair Kumar Van Asch Deaf Education Centre
Hon Bill English National Emily Bowden South Otago High School
Darien Fenton Labour Jenny Zhang Carmel College
Hon Christopher Finlayson National Jason Hart Scots College
Te Ururoa Flavell Maori Denise Cribb Rotorua Lakes High School
Craig Foss National Brittany Kershaw Flaxmere College
David Garrett ACT Jack Watling Campion College
Aaron Gilmore National Timothy Robinson St Bede’s College
Hon Phil Goff Labour Shruthi Vijayakumar Auckland University
Jo Goodhew National Georgia Robertson Ashburton College
Sandra Goudie National Caitlin Wiseman Hauraki Plains College
Dr Kennedy Graham Green Portia Allen Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti
Hon Tim Groser National Justine Crabb Westlake Girls College
Hon Nathan Guy National Caleb Iago-Ward Horowhenua College
Kevin Hague Green Brittany Packer
Hone Harawira Maori Te Niiwai Mutu Kura Kaupapa o Te Rangi
Hon George Hawkins Labour Roberta Faitele James Cook High School
John Hayes National Lisa Hansen
Hon Phil Heatley National Vishakham Joseph Whangarei Girls High School
Hon Tau Henare National Javier Mihaere Rutherford College
Hon Rodney Hide ACT Edward McKnight Dilworth School
Chris Hipkins Labour Chelsea Torrance Chilton Saint James School
Hon Pete Hodgson Labour Mark Currie Kavanagh College
Hon Parekura Horomia Labour Hineteariki Parata-Walker Tolaga Bay Area School
Gareth Hughes Green Rick Zwann Northcote College
Hon Darren Hughes Labour Kieran Welsby Otaki College
Raymond Huo Labour Meaghan Li Macleans College
Dr Paul Hutchison National Neelam Hari Pukekohe Christian School
Hon Shane Jones Labour Hayley Gilchrist Dargaville High School
Hon Steven Joyce National Natasha Pratt Rangitoto College
Rahui Katene Maori Turei-Haamiora Ormsby Hutt Valley High School
Nikki Kaye National Danielle Maclean St Mary’s College Auckland
Sue Kedgley Green Jack McDonald Kapiti College
Hon John Key National Sylvie Admore Carmel College
Hon Annette King Labour Alasdair Macleod Scots College
Colin King National Amy Halligan Marlborough Girls’ College
Hon Luamanuvao Winnie Laban Labour Seina Abera Mana College
Melissa Lee National Sarah Oh Kristin School
Iain Lees-Galloway Labour Anna Hamer-Adams Palmerston North Girls High School
Keith Locke Green Harry Lusk King’s College
Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga National Monisha Singh Onehunga High School
Tim Macindoe National Freeman Lambert-Ehu Hamilton’s Fraser High School
Moana Mackey Labour Rory McCourt Lytton High School
Hon Nanaia Mahuta Labour Rawiri Biel Nga Taiatea Wharekura
Hon Trevor Mallard Labour Thomas Maharaj St Bernard’s College
Hon Dr Wayne Mapp National Siale Mann Westlake Girls College
Todd McClay National Tania Tapsell Waiariki Insitute of Technology
Hon Murray McCully National Abbey Kendall Long Bay College
Sue Moroney Labour Lydia McKinnon
Stuart Nash Labour Cameron Price Napier Boys’ High School
Dr Russel Norman Green Bethany Matthers Avonside Girls High School
Hon Damien O’Connor Labour Amanda Eggers Golden Bay High School
Hekia Parata National Maxwell Scott Aotea College
Hon David Parker Labour Christopher Kennedy James Hargest College
Allan Peachey National Vaigna Pahulu Tamaki College
Lynne Pillay Labour Kelsey Sarah Illing Henderson High School
Hon Simon Power National Shaun Welsh Rangitikei College
Dr Rajen Prasad Labour Shail Kaushal Mt Roskill Grammar School
Paul Quinn National Robert Whitefield St Patrick’s College Silverstream
Hon Mita Ririnui Labour Tihema Baker Victoria University
H V Ross Robertson Labour Giovanna Sua McAuley High School
Grant Robertson Labour Jill Campbell Wellington Girls College
Hon Heather Roy ACT Lynn Chen Lynfield College
Eric Roy National Stuart Kruger Southland Boys’ High School
Hon Tony Ryall National Cory Dixon Tauranga Boys College
Carmel Sepuloni Labour Thoraya Abdul-Rassol Kelston Girls College
Katrina Shanks National Rakai Parata Gardiner Wellington Girls College
Hon Dr Pita Sharples Maori Eden Webester Auckland Girls Grammar
David Shearer Labour Joshua Harvey Mount Albert Grammar School
Su’a William Sio Labour Marietalini Ropeti-Iupeli Mangere College
Hon Dr Lockwood Smith National Ben Porteous Orewa College
Hon Dr Nick Smith National Fleur Schouten Nelson College for Girls
Hon Maryan Street Labour Johny O’Donnell Nelson College for Boys
Hon Georgina te Heuheu QSO National Kataraina Tuatini
Lindsay Tisch National Camilla Holmes Morrinsville College
Hon Anne Tolley National Emma Lucas Whakatane High School
Chris Tremain National Jordan Anderson Sacred Heart College Napier
Metiria Turei Green Lisa Nyman Otago Girls’ High School
Hon Tariana Turia Maori Kātene Morris Te Kura-aiiwi o Whakatupuranga
Rua Mano
Phil Twyford Labour Amelia MacDonald Takapuna Grammar
Louise Upston National Tay-Jana Brown Forest View High School
Nicky Wagner National Lorna Donnelly Linwood College
Hon Kate Wilkinson National Callum Bell Kaiapoi High School
Hon Maurice Williamson National Nadia Ali Macleans College
Hon Pansy Wong National Joseph Xulué Sancta Maria College
Michael Woodhouse National Katya Curran St Hilda’s Collegiate School
Jonathan Young National Paige Muggeridge New Plymouth Girls’ High School

Having done a quick tally there appear to be 66 girls and 56 guys, which is quite a difference from the main Parliament. However this is based on some educated guesses using christian names, and it may vary a bit from my calculation.


30 Responses to “Youth MPs 2009”

  1. big bruv (14,459 comments) says:

    What a complete and utter waste of MY fucking money.

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  2. Swiftman the infidel (329 comments) says:

    I cringe every year over this wank-fest.

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  3. gingercrush (153 comments) says:

    Oh shut up you two old fools.

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  4. toad (3,676 comments) says:

    …some educated guesses using christian names…

    First names, perhaps DPF. I don’t anticipate people with first names like Akash or Monisha or Neelam will likely be Christian.

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  5. Manolo (15,817 comments) says:

    A new generation of troughers being prepared to “serve” NZ. Tui ad coming.

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  6. Lipo (231 comments) says:

    What Big Bruv & Swiftman said – x 2

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  7. Pete George (24,498 comments) says:

    More political awareness and experience amongst those getting to voting age should be a good thing.

    Come to think of it, more political awareness amongst everyone of voting age would be good. Suzanne Prentice was quoted recently: ’she had voted National all her life, and would continue to do so’. I hope the youth MPs can develop more of an open inquiring mind that that suggests.

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  8. Fale Andrew Lesa (473 comments) says:

    Oh come on, Youth Parliament is held every three years and not annually as some seem to assume here.

    I had the pleasure of attending the Youth Parliament of 2007 for the Hon George Hawkins and I assure you all that the experience is worthwhile and they do not provide 5-star hotels for accomadation, they organise billet’s instead or invite you to stay with loved ones (if you’re not from Wellington).

    I suspect that the budget for this initiative is rather minor – Youth MP’s aren’t even paid for the experience and surely Air NZ provides a hefty discount for travel.

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  9. Pauleastbay (5,035 comments) says:

    How many of these will end up being groomed as sex toys for future labour Party big weekends?

    And yes Big Bruv I totally totally fucking agree

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  10. Pete George (24,498 comments) says:

    Yeah, well, we could not give anyone any political experience or education, and hope that top notch MPs turn up from nowhere (or Kenya).

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  11. OctagonGrappler (84 comments) says:

    Without wanting to racebait or accuse The Asian Members of ethnic nepatism. I notice that Pakeha members have endorsed asian kiwis on the list, Yet all of our asian members have endorsed all asian youth members.

    Is this the political Altruism of our parliments future. Just a thought.

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  12. Steve (4,653 comments) says:

    “toad” don’t sound too Christian either. But still no SFNS names like “Sky” or “Rainbow” or “Save”

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  13. Steve (4,653 comments) says:

    The diversion did not work toad. Why try and hijack this thread into a Religious one?

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  14. stupidboy (26 comments) says:

    OG, Yeah that was my first impression, on a rough count there are 20 of the 122 with clearly asian names, 16%
    is this in proportion??
    This is a clear indication of the direction we’re headed, But good on all of them, i hope they enjoy the experience.

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  15. big bruv (14,459 comments) says:

    “I suspect that the budget for this initiative is rather minor ”

    I could not give a fuck what the budget is Fale, that is not the issue.

    This is a complete and utter waste of time, NOTHING good comes out of it and in the back end of an economic downturn it send out all the wrong messages.

    More evidence that MP’s have an arrogant sense of entitlement to MY money.

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  16. black paul (120 comments) says:

    Dead right Big Bruv, this is the sort of crap you’d expect to find in a free democratic state. A dangerous direction to take the country in. Put them up against the wall.

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  17. bc (1,521 comments) says:

    What a bitter and twisted lot some of you are!
    I’ve been following the selection of the youth MP in my electorate. It has been a pleasure to see the intellegence, confidence and passion for political issues that the young people have. Those same people that are moaning here, no doubt in other posts have been moaning about the “younger generation”. Well here is an opportunity at minimal cost for young people to shine. Let them have their day you grumpy buggers!

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  18. peteremcc (316 comments) says:

    Youth Parliament is excellent.

    Any week that real Parliament isn’t sitting is a good week.

    Youth Parliament EVERY week please!

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  19. tautokai.baxter (162 comments) says:

    As a Youth MP this year, (Jack McDonald for Sue Kedgley), I would like to say that Youth Parliament is by no means a waste of money. It was one of the few forums that youth have to discuss the issues that are important to them.

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  20. big bruv (14,459 comments) says:

    Jack McDonald

    If you want to discuss the issues that are important to you then have a chat with your parents.

    I note that you have been proposed by Sue Kedgley, I suspect this means you are destined for a life on non productivity and a life spent on the tax payers tit.

    Do yourself a favour, go and get a job in the real world, experience what real life is all about and then you might be able to rid yourself of the fucked up notion that a “yoof” parliament is anything other than a complete waste of time and tax payer money.

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  21. tautokai.baxter (162 comments) says:

    If you have a problem with representative democracy then leave the country mate. I am going to spend my life inproving the conditions that others live in, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable and communal living.

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  22. Clint Heine (1,496 comments) says:

    tautokai.baxter/Jack McDonald…. Oh god, not another wannabe nanny state loving compulsionist. Youth Parliament is not the place for you buddy, a couple years in the North Korean gulags would be more suitable.

    I’m not worried about the tokenism being showed by the MPs but it seems Sue Kedgley picked one simply for being an adherent to her loony political views.

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  23. Hurf Durf (2,860 comments) says:

    promoting sustainable and communal living.

    Off to the work camp for us kulaks then? Do I at least get my own tube of toothpaste?

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  24. BlairM (2,410 comments) says:

    Hey, go easy on the YMPs – all the best laissez faire politicians were filthy commies once upon a time.

    Encouraging political activism is always a good thing. Otherwise the only people who care are the leftists and the extremists. It’s well worth the money.

    OTOH there’s Jordan King. So it doesn’t always work.

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  25. Bethany Mathers (1 comment) says:

    I am also a youth MP this year (for Russel Norman) and would like to support Jack McDonald. We are seriously interested in politics and do want to help make New Zealand a better place. Youth Parliament is not a waste of tax payers money, it is a great opportunity for young people to get together and disscuss the issues that are important to us as well as being able to get an insight into how our Parliment works.

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  26. Harry Lusk (1 comment) says:

    It seems a little silly to thing that you guys (the older ones) aren’t wanting to support us more — seeing that we are going to be the future leaders of our country.
    I am also a Youth MP, representing Keith Locke.

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  27. nathanjones66 (1 comment) says:

    Have you older people really got nothing better to do than sit around and tell the youth what of waste of time they are swear and really just be a jerk to them? Pretty immature to be quite honest didnt realise it was personnally hurting you and your day to day lives that 120 odd youths are sitting trying to find out if they want a career in politics and get given this opportunity which is held in high regard by adults. Just chill out a bit ae? Not doing you any harm you have no control over it because it happens regardless of the government.
    Get a life Swiftman the infidel and big bruv

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  28. YouthMP 2010 (1 comment) says:

    OMG dudes and dude-ettes, this isn’t even cool! Why isn’t the older genration supporting us in our endeavours to become well rounded politicians??? Im also a Youth MP, representing Te Ururoa Flavell. @ Hurf Durf….dude, honestly? we’re not in Russia, John Key isn’t Stalin, so don’t exaggerate with the kulaks thing okay? It isn’t that funny. And “commie” is a derogatory term for Communists. I dont share their views either, but why waste energy insulting them, you sad, sad people!
    There we’re 122 Youth MP’s this year, excluding the Youth Press Gallery, and each and every one of those young people were in the house to push a point, have a voice and ultimately have some sort of say in the running of our country! Dont you think more peole should be given such an opportunity? Jack, Harry and Bethany, I think they’re just envious of us, because we were given the opportunity to express our views and ideas, and the only place these people are able to do that is on the internet. Youth Parliament was an amazing two days, and not only did I to voice the issues, triumphs and concerns of my peeps, I met some dudes and dude-ettes who I’ll be friends with forever. So, y’all should just chill, like a cucumber….=]

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