The Best in Iceland

The Telegraph reports:

A new party calling itself “the Best” looks set to cause a major upset in local elections in ’s capital Reykjavik.

According to an opinion poll published Wednesday by the leading daily Morgunbladid, the upstart party whose candidates have broadcast campaign pledges on YouTube to the soundtrack of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”, could knock traditional political heavyweights out of the ring on Saturday.

The poll gave “the Best Party”, only created last November, 43.1 percent of voting intentions, way ahead of the conservative Independence party (28.8 percent) and the governing Social Democrats, who are trailing with 16.6 percent.

In a video posted on YouTube and filmed on a rooftop overlooking Reykjavik, the party’s leader Jon Gnarr, who happens to be one of the country’s top comedians, called for free towels in all city swimming pools, a polar bear for the city zoo and a Disneyland at Vatnsmyri, the capital’s airport, among other campaign pledges on the inevitably named “best manifesto”.

Who would vote against free towels, a polar bear and a Disneyland?

According to Wikipedia they are also very upfront:

The party has from the beginning admitted that it will not honour any of the promises given prior to elections and been very outspoken about their corruption.

Makes a change from trying to deny it!

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