Well done Paul Reynolds

A reader recently emailed CEO Paul Reynolds saying:

Mr Reynolds

I have just changed my account to the Total Home package.

I live in Pukekohe, Franklin County. In November 2010 we will become part of the Auckland SuperCity.

There appears to be a lot of confusion amongst your staff on how this change applies to my account.

Could you please confirm that in November 2010, the base charge on my Total Home account will change from $109 per month to $99 per month.

Would you please m ake certain that your staff also know this to avoid the frustrating confusion (in one case a “hang up” – since dealt with)

To his great surprise he got a reply from Paul Reynolds himself, saying:

Thanks for your note.  I am not personally aware of any Telecom tariff changes consequent upon the change to Auckland Super City.  However I have asked CEO Retail, Alan Gourdie, to look into the source of miscommunication and get back to you.

I am very impressed that the CEO of Telecom actually takes the time to reply to an e-mail from a customer, rather than just forward it onto someone else to do.

How many other large companies would have CEOs do the same?

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