Sea Shepherd v Bethune

The Herald reports:

Pete Bethune has been axed from any future anti-whaling protests led by the Conservation Society.

The move follows allegations by the Sea Shepherd that Mr Bethune had a bow and arrows aboard the Ady Gil when it sank in the Southern Ocean, following a collision with a Japanese whaling boat.

In a statement released by the Sea Shepherd, the organisation said the bow and arrows “are not in line with the Sea Shepherd’s policy”.

So Rambo Bethune has been kicked out of Sea Shepherd – rather astonishing.

It’s good to know that Sea Shepherd will at least draw the line somewhere. They happily plant limpet mines on ships and blow them up. They also happily ram ships and try to sink them. They also happily throw containers of acid at people. But a bow and arrow is a step too far it seems.

Getting thrown out of the Sea Shepherd Society for being too violent is like being thrown out of the Labour Party for being too academic!

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