Ta Vodafone

June 9th, 2010 at 7:17 pm by David Farrar

Some good customer service from . Tweeted them that my data on my Blackberry was not working in Sydney. They tweeted back some options to try, and then had a tech call me, and worked out the problem, and data now working. So much better than dialling a call centre and being on hold.

As data is only $2/MB here temporarily one of the few places where I wanted it on when roaming.

I also learnt something new – what it means if your signal says 3G or GPRS as opposed to 3g or gprs. If in caps it means that data should work over it, and if in lower case it means data won’t work.

4 Responses to “Ta Vodafone”

  1. infused (714 comments) says:

    Vodafone annoy me. Their network actually sucks compared to Telecoms new 3G network. Vodafones network is not even fully 3G.

    Push your mobile stick to the limit on Vodafone. What will you get? 200-300kb/s. Push it on Telecom, 2-3mb/s. I even got 1-2mb/s uploading.

    Someone has to stand up for their network I guess. I suspect the other reason they helped you so quickly David, is the influence of your blog.

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  2. Fletch (9,012 comments) says:

    Next time I have a problem with Vodafone, I am beginning my call with, “Hi, this is a close personal friend of David Farrar…” 😛

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  3. jcuknz (697 comments) says:

    I bought a ‘stick’ at the weekend and like the last time I tried to pay more onto my phone, I got frustrated by the Vodaphone computer. In the end I went to a V shop and the helpful lady sorted it out for me. Anyway trying to register the stick and get my $30 air-time and all I had to send was “yes” or “YES” … I did this about six times as I fumbled with a new system and each time back came this modern TXT garbage, phonetic crap …. I still don’t know if I’m registered or not. I can see now why the shop assistant was suprised I wanted to exchange the Telecom stick he had given me for a Vodaphone one.

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  4. Lance (3,821 comments) says:

    Oh the joy of being cut off by Vodafone with one days notice (with only an obscure warning text) for not paying ones bill, even if the screw up was by them.
    The bill was apparently returned to them, yet that P.O. Box on the address receives around 50 pieces of mail a day and Vodafone have sent their bills and we paid them on time for years.
    Complete pratts.
    Just to add insult to injury when I tried to call I was not allowed ANY access, the message suggested I call 777…… which was also blocked!
    Then they moved into the fuckwit realm.
    Even after paying online I continued to get notices every 3 days they were going to cut it off again. Despite numerous calls to them and apologies from them.

    The beauty of it was at the end of this they sent we a survey asking what I thought of their customer service……………

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