Prison guards union under scrutiny

The HoS reports:

Hanlon police have launched an investigation into the prison guards’ union with a raid on the organisation’s offices, the Herald on Sunday has learned.

There has also been a separate request by officers investigating finances at the union to the Department of Corrections for records relating to one of its staff.

The prison guard they have sought information on also works for the of New Zealand as an official. …

The police inquiry comes after a complaint made by senior prison officer Helen Williams, 45, over spending controls at the organisation.

Williams said she had repeatedly raised concerns at a national level within the union with the backing of the Northern Regional Corrections staff she represented.

However, she said her concerns had been constantly rebutted by CANZ president Beven Hanlon.

There is no proof of wrong doing at this stage, but the fact the Police have done a raid suggests they are concerned something has happened.

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