The race for President

The National Party Conference is on this weekend. I am looking forward to it, and will be up in Auckland from this afternoon.

As well as the main conference, the also have their annual conference, including their elections – and they have three candidates standing for the presidency. So the board elections won’t be the only election of interest.

The Young Nats are doing something very laudable – actually having a debate and question and answer session with the three candidates. This will allow YN delegates to hear them in action, before voting. The main party could consider the merits of doing something similar for board elections in future – maybe have a forum on the Friday evening.

The Young Nats debate starts at 10.15 am on Saturday, and I have the job of moderator, as a neutral party. I’ve been having fun working on some of the questions.

The three candidates are campaigning hard also. One has a campaign website, another a Facebook page, and a third has a campaign ad on You Tube which I predict will be used to embarrass him for many years to come.

Great to see a healthy contest for the job, and am looking forward to the debate on Saturday. Any conference attendee can attend the debate, but questions will be restricted to Young Nationals.

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