Dom Post rates the first two years

In today’s , and rate the high achievers and the casualties of the first tow years of the Government.Note the comments below are my extracts of what Vernon and John said – they are not my personal views.

Top of the Class

  1. John Key 8.5/10
  2. Simon Power 8.0/10 – they suggest he moves to Education
  3. Steven Joyce 7.5/10 – possible Finance Minister in the future
  4. Gerry Brownlee – has risen from defeat to become one of Govt’s best assets – they say he may be in line for deputy PM
  5. Tim Groser – 6.5/10 – a good example of why you have List MPs, doing an excellent job in trade


  • Richard Worth
  • Bill English over his housing allowance
  • Melissa Lee over Mt Albert
  • Aaron Gilmore over his CV
  • Pansy Wong over her travel


  • Anne Tolley 4.5/10 – valiantly trying against the powerful education unions
  • Rodney Hide – 4.0/10 – his imploding caucus
  • Georgina te Hehheu – 2.5/10 – what does she do?
  • Pansy Wong – 2.0/10 – even before she quit, they say she had sunk without trace

Rising Backbenchers

  • Craig Foss – favoured to narrowly beat his Hawke’s Bay colleague into Cabinet
  • Hekia Parata – a strong showing in Mana, and in her previous career
  • Chester Borrows – a solid Chairman of Justice & Electoral Committee
  • Amy Adams – has shone in the House

The Success Stories

  • The tax switch
  • A stable Government
  • Law & Order

Disasters and Pressure Points

  • The economy
  • The environment
  • Natural disasters

Feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree, any additions you would make, and where?

The most obvious omission to me is Tony Ryall in the top of the class. I doubt a single MP would say he is not up there.

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