Erin Leigh wins

The Court of Appeal has just released a decision, that may have political ramifications.

has had her case for defamation restored, after the High Court had struck it out. This does not mean she will eventually win, but it does mean there will be a trial, which could include evidence from Labour MPs and their former officials.

Leigh was a whistleblower who alleged wrog-doing over the appointment of as  a comunications contractor to the Environment Ministry, on the recommendation of , the then Minister.

The Ministry provided a written and oral briefing on her to , who then said very uncomplimentary things about her in Parliament. She is not suing Mallard (as he is protected by parliamentary privilege) but is suing the Government for the contents of the briefings.

So the case will proceed to court, and it will be a very interesting case. I’ll let people know once a date is scheduled.

Hat Tip: Steven Price

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