Canterbury University should show some common sense

Jo Gilbert in The Press reports:

was excitedly preparing for the start of student life with a $5000 Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship from and UE under her belt.

But her plans were stymied, Waszczak said, when the university told the Christchurch 18-year-old she could not enrol as she had not fulfilled all entry requirements in 2010.

She hadn’t done a couple of literacy credits my mistake, but she then gained the credits in January.

When she spoke to the university, she said she was told she would now have to apply to enrol in the second semester, which would mean she would miss the benefits of her scholarship.

The UC Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship recognises secondary school pupils for their top academic achievement, potential leadership and sporting/cultural involvement.

Aside from the $5000 fee scholarship, students are involved in an 11-month leadership programme, which starts just before the academic year begins on February 21.

“I really want to start in the first semester and I need to because of my scholarship,” Waszczak said.

“That’s why I dealt with it [the credit gap] as quickly as I did.”

You’ve got a bright high achieving student who wants to start attending university in February. There are times where the strict procedures should be waived to do the right thing, and this is clearly one of those times.

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