Gillard to address NZ Parliament

NZPA report:

Australian Prime Minister will make her first visit to New Zealand next week and become the first foreign leader to address New Zealand’s Parliament.

Prime Minister John Key announced today that Ms Gillard would visit on February 15 and 16.

He said a highlight would be her speech in Parliament’s debating chamber on the 16th.

“She will be the first foreign leader to do so – this will be a highlight of the visit and underscores the special and unique relationship that exists between the two countries,” Mr Key said.

I think it is appropriate that the Australian PM is the first leader to do so.

Rudd was scheduled to do so last year but of course got rolled the week before by Gillard. Labor has fallen behind the Coalition in the polls for the first time since the election, so lets hope Julia actually survives the next two weeks, so we don’t have to go for third time lucky!

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