Goff rules out Hone but not Winston

The hopes of those calling for a “New Left” party entering Parliament via took another tumble today, as ccording to Alex Tarrant from interest.co.nz, ruled out working with .

Of course this position may change. A month ago Goff also ruled out working with Hone Harawira, but backed down a few days later. So this is I think his third position on working with Hone. I asked the rhetorical question in February whether Goff will manage as many positions on Hone (now up to three) as they did on foreshore & seabed (now up to five)

He still won’t rule Winston in or out though. That one should be simpler – you can at least trust Hone. Policy differences can be negotiated in good faith. Trust can not be. Winston lied blatantly to Helen Clark about the Owen Glenn donation, yet Labour are still clinging to Winston in the hope he will hold the balance of power and make Goff Prime Minister.

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