Downstage Meet the Artists

As well as reviewing “The Spy Who Wouldn’t Die Again” at Downstage, I also got moderate the Meet the Artists session on Tuesday.

I was a bit nervous about doing it. I’m pretty used to public speaking, but normally it is on areas I am a bit of an expert on. When it comes to plays, I am just an enthusiastic attendee.

I got to see the backstage to . It’s actually incredibly small. There’s so many props and costumes they use during the show, that it get pretty cluttered.

I thought the forum went quite well. It was actually quite fun being able to ask the cast whom their favourite roles were, and also talk about how they came up with the ideas for the various gadgets in the show. The final question was to Tim Spite, the director/writer (and actor) about how he judges the success of a show, apart from ticket sales. I liked his answer which basically was when all the different elements (the cast, the plot, the set) work together in harmony. It was a good answer, as that was what stood out about the show.

Most of what I now do, I never thought I would. At 18 I wanted to be a doctor. I never thought that one day I would be a pollster, a “political commentator” and also an “arts reviewer”. I was actually involved in the drama club at school – but mainly because we got to hang out with the girls from our sister school 🙂

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