A “massive anti-Asian” rally

Lincoln Tan at the Herald reports:

A far-right Christchurch group is planning a “massive anti-Asian rally” in Queen St after its recruiting drive in Auckland, its leader, , told the Herald yesterday.

The Right Wing Resistance is handing out flyers in areas with high Asian population, such as Pakuranga, Howick and Northcote, claiming an Asian invasion is taking place.

Mr Chapman, a former National Front leader, said the drive was to recruit “like-minded Kiwis” to organise the rally, which the group plans to stage before the general election on November 26.

I’d rather not have in New Zealand, but if we are to have them I’m glad they are constantly led by imbeciles who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. If they actually ever had a leader who could tie his shoelaces up, then they might actually be something to worry about.

He said the Resistance was against mass Asian immigration, because Asian migrants “stole jobs” and “destroyed white New Zealand culture and heritage”.

When asked by this reporter, an Asian originally from Singapore, if he was one of those the group would like to keep out of the country, Mr Chapman said: “You’re not the kind of Asian we’re against.

Good question Lincoln. You must be relieved to know you are not one of the job-stealing culture-destorying Asians.

“The tactic we’re taking at the moment is the anti-communist tag, and too many Chinese are coming in with communist affiliation,” he said.

“We don’t want to be taken over by communists.”

The commies are coming! Man the bunkers.

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