Ministerial House expenses

Labour have gone from transport to bodyguards and now to paint in their desperate desire to splatter John Key. Maybe at some stage they will remember the public want to hear some policies from them on reducing the cost of living. At the moment their only policy is to increase power prices by 3% and petrol by 3c/litre.

Under this Government, all the ministerial houses are actually being sold, except for Premier House, Vogel House and Bolton Street as they are held in trust. But let us look at some of the house costs under Labour and see how they compare to around $200,000 on painting Premier House:

  • $1.133m on Vogel House when Jim Anderton lived there
  • $46.6m on Government House
  • $215,000 on Premier House in 2000
  • $177,000 on Matt Robson’s Wadestown Ministerial House

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