Twas Jadis

July 4th, 2011 at 11:27 pm by David Farrar


Many people have also commented on the book’s timing, including prominent blogger David Farrar who said it was “appalling in itself” and that “Wishart has chosen to market the book during the coronial inquest into the death of the twins”.

In a statement to ONE News, Wishart also said the book’s timing was “appalling”.

However, he added it was not intentional and that “the only positive is that it has created a strong national debate on child abuse”. The story broke after ONE News contacted Wishart following a tip-off.

Wishart said it was not true that the publicity for the book, which is being published by his Howling at the Moon company and is due for release at the end of the month, was deliberately timed to coincide with the inquest.

My guest bloggers do not post often, so it is an easy mistake to make. But those quotes in questions come from , not me. If you scroll down the main page, you’ll see her listed as the author for the posting on 29 June at 10.26 am.

The site doesn’t list authors on individual archive pages, only the main page. I have on my to do list to get that changed.

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  1. Nostradamus (5,209 comments) says:


    Two additional suggestions for your to-do list:

    1. You need to include the name of the author in mobile Kiwiblog. I read that thread, and it was only when a couple of commentators noted that it wasn’t your post, that I realised Jadis wrote it.

    2. Could you include a “Go to Bottom” as well as a “Back to Top” on all threads in mobile format? This is something I often wish for when revisiting long threads – it’d be good to be able to to go straight to the latest comment. There is one commentator, who’s name I won’t mention as it’s well-known anyway, who posts endless streams of drivel – having to scroll through that guff pisses me off.

    Yes, some of us do like to read Kiwiblog on mobile when out and about, and enjoying a quiet moment 🙂

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  2. Lee C (2,991 comments) says:

    I really like that 2nd idea a ‘go to next entry’ would be a boon.

    David you have to be careful…..

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  3. Elaycee (4,537 comments) says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised that TVNZ got this wrong – they’ve been specialising in this area for years. They are no different from the rest of the lazy, MSM – they don’t let the facts get in the way of a ‘good’ story.

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  4. Mick Mac (1,254 comments) says:

    anyone read the book yet?

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  5. scrubone (3,791 comments) says:

    Mick Mac: it’s not finished yet. Wishart has even stated that because people chose to use the impending publication notice to bookshops to whip up a lynch mob, he may be unable to finish interviewing people he wanted to talk to as they won’t want to talk to him.

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  6. publicwatchdog (5,630 comments) says:

    Hi possums! Missed me? 😉

    Have been flat out like a lizard drinking (as my Aussie uncle used to say) defending Macsyna King, Ian Wishart and the public’s right to ‘freedom of expression’ with the controversial “Breaking Silence” ‘whistle-blowing’ mother’s story of the murder of the Kahui baby boys.

    Joined the ‘Boycott the Macsyna King Book’ facebook page to help promote some robust debate. Got ‘banned/blocked’ after cutting and pasting from the “About’ and ‘Description’ sections of the ‘Boycott the Macsyna King Book’ facebook page the information which proven that thousands of people had been LIED to a ‘sucked in’ to believing that Macsyna King would personally profit from her ‘atrocious deeds’ when that was never the case.

    Nearly 50,000 people were misled by deceptive and dishonest behaviour of the mysterious person who established this facebook page – who helped get so many people stirred up over bull sh*t.

    Presumably a number of them are starting to feel a bit ‘sheepish’ now?

    Being on Kiwiblog was marvellous practice for ‘putting your head into the mouth of the lion (and with your hammer and chisel knocking the teeth from the inside 😉

    So – thanks for that! 🙂

    Check it out for yourself.

    There is NOTHING on the ‘Boycott the Macsyna King Book’ facebook page that says anything about opposing Ian Wishart making money out of “BREAKING SILENCE” (after having researched and written it – why shouldn’t he? It’s what he does for a living to feed his family?

    There is nothing on the ‘Boycott the Macsyna King Book’ face book page which says anything about being opposed to child abuse or child abusers. Just opposed to the mother who is trying to break the Kahui ‘Code of Silence’ behind which whoever murdered the Kahui baby boys is hiding.

    Ian Wishart set up a facebook page ‘Break the Kahui code of silence support the new book’ – where there has been some excellent and robust debate on a number of the pertinent issues.

    If you believe in freedom of expression – I strongly recommend you make a little bit of time to have look for yourselves.

    Without ‘freedom of expression – you have nothing.

    Penny Bright

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