BSA complaints

Bronwyn Torrie at the Dom Post reports:

A Wellington man has been fined $50 for a “frivolous and trivial” complaint that alleged TVNZ inaccurately reported the distance of a supernova star from Earth.

An item on One News, broadcast in January, reported that a supernova discovered by a 10-year-old Canadian girl was in a galaxy 240 light years away. The correct distance is 240 million light years. …

It dismissed his “frivolous and trivial” complaint and ordered him to pay TVNZ costs of $50 as a deterrent.

“He has now been warned numerous times about lodging complaints of this nature, and it is evident that his complaints expend a significant amount of both TVNZ’s and the authority’s time and resources.”

The man, who receives the invalids benefit and pension, generated about 5 per cent of complaints received about TV One in 2009 and 2010.

I don’t know why they do not name him.

I would like the , ASA and Press Council to all publish their top 10 complainants, and what proportion of complaints those top 10 are responsible for.

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