Q+A 5 August 2011

This week on Q+A, the price of milk, the high dollar and the future of emissions trading.

As milk price rises and calls for action grow louder, Guyon Espiner speaks with the two decision-makers at the heart of the issue – Fonterra Chief executive Andrew Ferrier and the Agriculture Minister David Carter. Why has the price leapt so high in the past three years? Who has the power to act? And what can be done for Kiwi families? Also, with the dollar around post-float highs, how tenuous is life for our exporters and what should the government do to help, if anything? And with Fonterra this week questioning agriculture’s planned inclusion in the Emissions Trading Scheme, is a government u-turn imminent?

And later, millionaire businessman Colin Craig has formed a new party to challenge ACT and National for the right wing vote. What are his ambitions? What does he stand for? And who’s standing with him? He’ll speak with Paul Holmes live in the studio.

Joining Dr Jon Johansson on the panel are NZ Food & Grocery Council CEO and former National MP Katherine Rich and former Labour and Progressive party strategist and columnist John Pagani.

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