TV3 reports Ardern breaking the law

TV3 report:

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer says it is very disappointing the Labour Party’s Auckland Central candidate has deliberately ignored official advice around election hoardings.

On Tuesday Auckland Council’s senior lawyer Wendy Brandon advised candidates that election signs are allowed up from 12.00am, Monday 26 September – two calendar months prior to the 26 November general election. Signs up around Auckland today breach the Electoral (Advertisements of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005 bylaw.

“Like every other party, Labour was given very specific legal advice from the council but deliberately chose to breach the bylaw. It’s very disappointing and only reflects poorly on them.”

Just as I criticised the National candidate in Rangitikei, I do the same here. What is very disappointing is that the Auckland Council actually went out and proactively told all candidates that they are not allowed to stick up signs before Monday.  There is no chance this is a case of having made a mistake – it is a deliberate decision to ignore the law, in order to get the best spots.
Labour have a long long history of believing the law does not apply to them. They did it in 2005 with the pledge cards, they did it in 2008, they’ve been doing it during 2011 with their unauthorised pamphlets and now they are doing it with their billboards.
Cameron Brewer says people who are annoyed by signs up illegally today, or poorly placed given the Rugby World Cup, should report them to the council by phoning (09) 301-0101.
If a sign is illegally erected, can citizens remove it and hand it in to the Council I wonder? Anyway if you are in Auckland and see illegal signs up today (of any party), uphold the law and ring the Council. Plus feel free to take photos.
John Pagani said that right wing bloggers would be silent on the illegal signs put up by National’s Rangitikei candidate. He then acknowledged both Whale and I blogged on them. I wonder if John will remain silent on this flagrant breach by a Labour candidate.
In a second post by Whale, he also has photos of signs by Phil Goff, Trevor Mallard and David Cunliffe, all breaking the law by having them up early. Surely Pagani can’t overlook his own leader breaking the law.

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