Leighton slays Goff

tried his lie about how it costs a family $500 a year more to be with Contact. Leighton reads out the figures from Consumer, and slays him.

Goff-Asset-Sales-Flaying by whaleoil

Goff should front up with this so called data from Fairfax which shows Contact currently costs more than $500 a year. I trust the Consumer NZ data. All I can find on the Stuff website is this story:

Marybank resident John Stark said Contact needed to try harder to retain customers.

“I emailed Contact Energy on June 3 after determining on the Power Switch website that I could save over $500 a year by changing from Contact Energy to Just Energy.

So unless there is some other story I can’t find on Stuff, the basis for Goff claiming the average family of four pays $500 a year more with Contact, is a story about one individual family in Nelson.

But Goff’s spin gets even worse. The $500 quoted in that story for that one family was comparing Contact Energy to Just Energy. Just Energy is owned by Pulse Utilities NZ Ltd, which is shock horror listed on the NZX!!! Fail!

Now some may argue that Contact used to charge more in the past, and they have lowered prices to keep customers. Well yes they have, and isn’t that a good thing.

As I posted earlier today power prices increased massively under Labour and they raked in $3b in dividends from the power SOEs.Goff is spreading desperate lies when he repeats his claim Contact costs an average family $500 more a year. They are the cheaper than the three SOEs in Auckland.

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