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November 29th, 2011 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

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MPs out

Rahui Katene (Te Tai Tonga)



Losing Te Tai Tonga is a blow. Not only does it mean they now only represent a minority of the Maori seats, it also means that they do not hold the balance of power if National loses a seat on specials. Their ability to get policy gains is diminished.

On the plus side, they held off strong challenges from Labour’s Shane Jones in Tamaki Makaurau and Mana’s Annette Sykes in Waiariki. Losing either of those seats would have been fatal.


The immediate challenge is policy gains from National. As National can govern without them, these will be limited. Most of the “easy” gains were got last time.

The next challenge will be identifying successor to Sharples and Turia. Flavell will become a co-leader, but they will need a candidate who can retain Tamaki Makaurau also.

There is now a three way contest in each of the Maori seats with Labour, Maori and Mana. Their dreams of holding all seven Maori seats will never occur. It is difficult to see how they can increase their number of seats in the future unless there is some rapprochement with Mana.

The constitutional review is the big wild card. If they can get something substantial from that, such as Iwi observer rights on all local authorities, then that could give their supporters something to campaign on.

15 Responses to “Maori Party”

  1. Someone Else (140 comments) says:

    If the Maori Party secure a chunk of Meridian Energy for Ngai Tahu that would go a long way to win Te Tai Tonga back. Most of Meridian’s generation assets are in the South Island. Hey, some of those newer generation assets (like West Wind) are in Ngati Toa territory. Considering Te Rauparaha’s raids almost wiped Ngai Tahu out, that would be a fitting utu! 😉

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  2. Manolo (21,954 comments) says:

    The racist party is bound for extinction once its co-leaders retire. Socialist Labour and communist mana will share and cannibalise its base.

    Good riddance.

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  3. lastmanstanding (1,724 comments) says:

    Its a tragedy the Maori Party havent done better. IMHO they are the only party that will ever benefit Maori by getting them off the dole and the DPB.

    The Socilaists not only have done nothing good for Maori they ahve condemed them to a life of benefits and handouts.

    They Socialists have treated Maori as voter fodder every 3 years.

    And as for Hone. he wont do anything but stand on the side line and hurl abuse at the government of the day.

    Just a pity not enough Maori can see how they have been used and abused by people who have lied to them.

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  4. Graeme Edgeler (3,241 comments) says:

    Of course, there may well be eight Maori electorates (or possibly, but probably not, nine) at the next election.

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  5. Bed Rater (239 comments) says:

    Ive always wondered how going into a S and c arrangment with the party that has the lowest PV share in the electorates that get the Maori Party into parliament will end.

    Badly, I suspect.

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  6. freedom101 (732 comments) says:

    lastmanstanding: Totally agree with you re the dole and DPB. If the Maori party genuinely wanted to help Maori then they would negotiate a comprehensive welfare reform package with National.

    God forbid that they negotiate apartheid seats for all local authorities.

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  7. dime (12,985 comments) says:

    um sorry? 8 Maori electorates?? WHY??

    Starting to get sick of the racist bullshit.

    The Maori party needs to die

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  8. Martin Gibson (255 comments) says:

    It would be good to see the Maori Party hit the gas instead of acting like joining a National-led coalition government is swallowing a rat.

    The Maori who believe those socialists who pass Marxism off as tikanga voted Mana.

    Other positive, voiceless Maori are sick of seeing themselves presented as perpetual victims, and the Maori Party should speak to that aspirational streak in Maori that has not yet flown the Tasman, although with her voice and disposition it is hard for Tariana not to look and sound like Eeyore I guess.

    Another thing they might not feel instictively, but which desperately needs to happen is to end the implied right of Maori to steal and be violent and sour.

    It hurts them to wander around with faces like dropped pies more than it hurts others, but it sure would bring a lot of sunshine to New Zealand if their leaders told them to cheer up a little.

    Perhaps it is time to ban pukana for a year and see what effect that has on happiness and violent crime?

    Maybe three years?,r:7,s:0

    Make it stop! Somebody! Please!

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  9. side show bob (3,476 comments) says:

    Where Maori party went wrong is the belief they speak for their people. Prior to the election I was at a large birthday party, the Maori half of my family. We were discussing the up coming election. What surprised me was how many that weren’t on the Maori roll and how many had no time for the MP. Maori are just like pakeha voters and the parties they support are spread throughout the political spectrum. Hopefully parties like the MP will die a natural death as the people they claim to support are as varied and different in their views as the general public views are.

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  10. virtualmark (1,602 comments) says:

    Surely the three-way stoush between the Maori Party, Mana and Labour for the Maori seats just shows how flawed it is to think of Maori as one homogeneous group?

    I think the Maori Party is always going to get better policy traction with National than they are with Labour (who compete with them for the Maori seats). In a Labour-led government the Maori Party are a nuisance, who dilute Labour’s message. In a National-led government they are an additional partner who will get some of their policy goals delivered, but will also have to swallow some dead rats. So, realistically, the Maori Party should always favour National.

    Note: Maori, as a people, might get better outcomes under Labour. Maybe. But the Maori Party will get better outcomes under National.

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  11. gravedodger (1,703 comments) says:

    I agree that with impending retirement, Sharples and Turia have a unique opportunity to crate a legacy for the Maori of the next generation.
    The Maori Party was always an expendable vehicle born out of frustration with Labour’s Panic Attack and ignores the inherent Tribalism of Maori hence the fact that apart from Tamaki Makaurau the largely Urban based electorate, membership of or close association with the leading tribal group is a prerequisite for success.
    The one seat that changed hands went from a whahine with a reasonable record in the last parliament to a scion of the ruling elite of Ngai Tahu, the Tirikatine Whanau .

    So do what every Maori that crosses the Tasman does and cut the shackles, use the next three years to carve out a future of abandoning welfare and become aspirational people in entreprenureal activity. The tribes have the resources and it is a good time to tell the socialists Maori no longer wish to be the basis of the lefts vote, rotting in the cesspit of socialism financed welfare.
    Maori may still be well served by having a confederation approach to political activity in the parliament but the flare of The Maori Party is almost bereft of fuel. Labour are hoping to regain the slavish vote of Maori they have enjoyed, abused and taken for granted for some 75 years

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  12. grumpyoldhori (2,307 comments) says:

    LOL, all bloody hori MPs are the bloody same they all believe THEY know what is best for all hories.
    Including the bloody token hori MPs in the Nats who put the National party well ahead of Maoridom then have the fucking arrogance to go on a marae when they can speak only pakeha.

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  13. JamesS (352 comments) says:

    I think that to secure the Maori party coalition deal John Key should offer to give every Maori person, say, 5000 shares for free when the SOEs are listed on the sharemarket next year.

    Problem solved.

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  14. Graeme Edgeler (3,241 comments) says:

    um sorry? 8 Maori electorates?? WHY??

    The next post-census boundary re-drawing. The number has gone up each time (not always by enough to get an extra seat, but it’s gone up). The number of people represented through the Maori roll is increasing (mostly because of demographics), and depending on how Christchurch is going, the population (or at least the growth rate) in the South Island may take a slight hit. Add in the fact that this census is 7 years after the last one, if the change is less than half what it was last time, the number will still increase to 8.

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  15. gravedodger (1,703 comments) says:

    Am I the only one who sees extreme irony in an increasing Maori Roll and their abysmal turnout.
    Do the separatists see enrollment as the pathway to power and no need to get off their arses and vote

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