Law Commission report on new media

December 5th, 2011 at 8:50 am by David Farrar

Tom Pullar-Strecker reports at Stuff:

Bloggers are nervously waiting for the publication of the ’s report on “new media” next Monday.

Former Commerce Minister Simon Power raised their blood pressure when he ordered the review in October last year, commenting that there was a “wild west out there in cyberspace”.

InternetNZ chief executive Vikram Kumar said at the time that if that was what Power really believed, “we’ve got reasons to be very, very worried”.

Power was concerned about breaches of suppression orders, libel on the internet, and whether bloggers and online publications should be subject to oversight by the Press Council or Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Blogger David Farrar, of Kiwiblog, expects a high-brow report but believes it is unlikely the Law Commission will advocate an “uber regulator” for new media.

I wouldn’t say I was nervous about it, but I certainly am interested and looking forward to blogging on the report next Monday. As with most areas of law reform there are likely to be opportunities and risks for those who are online publishers (which is anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account).

7 Responses to “Law Commission report on new media”

  1. backster (2,508 comments) says:

    No doubt it will provide an excuse to create another slushy Commission or ombudsman. You should put your hand up DPF

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  2. Manolo (21,988 comments) says:

    Another brilliant initiative from Figjam Power.

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  3. JamesS (352 comments) says:

    It would be a shame if the government decided to shut down kiwiblog as I quite like it; maybe they could just ask you to moderate comments or something?

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  4. Murray (8,822 comments) says:

    You mean like that paragon of free speech the strandard James?

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  5. RF (2,327 comments) says:

    I guess The Standard will be bitching about this. A lot of filth is spewed out of there. Those remarks about Sir. Peter were typical of their bloggers IQs.

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  6. Monique Watson (1,297 comments) says:

    New Zealanders just luurve to be told what to do, hangover from the babyboomers. What about, whatever regulatory powers they think they can impose, they can just go get fucked. They’d have to stand at my door juggling handcuffs, before I’d conform and I’m a new blogger.

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  7. Fletch (9,008 comments) says:

    The old media will try and shut down the new media for sure; the Mainstream Media is very left wing – they don’t report on things that hurt their philosophy and take other things (like the John Key teacup brou-ha-ha – or is that brew-ha-ha) and blow it all out of proportion.

    Bloggers have the advantage of being able to use today’s video phones etc, and post what really happens out there.

    John Nolte posts a similar thing on Big Journalism when talking about the fall of the Occupy movement –

    But you have to remember ’twas New Media that killed Obama’s astro-turfed, anti-American army of poopers, rapists, vandals, drug abusers and trespassers — and that without New Media the MSM would’ve gotten away with their evil (yes, really) master plan, which was to recreate the sixties’ anti-war movement. The whole of the MSM intended to give these Occupy degenerates the same oxygen they gave anti-war degenerates forty years ago. The worst people in the world would be spoon fed the encouragement and legitimacy required to spin them into something they are not. And all of this was going to be made possible through the covering up of a hundreds of sins both big and small.

    The only problem for the MSM, though, is that this isn’t the sixties and, therefore, they no longer control every portal of mass communication. Thus, armed with our own cameras, the power to disseminate information without funneling through the media’s corrupt filter, and armed with THE TRUTH — video by photo by investigative report, Occupy collapsed under the exposed weight of their own hypocrisy, noxious beliefs, and craven misdeeds.

    More –

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