Own goal

I’d forgotten that Mickey Savage  doesn’t just comment here and his own own blog. But someone pointed out this post on Monday 28th Nov where he says:

A third mooted candidate, David Shearer, is extremely unlikely to even stand, despite media speculation to the contrary.

Hmmn. And further.

David Shearer has also been mentioned as a possible leader.  He is a decent talented person who will contribute significantly to the party in the future but he is not leadership material at this stage.

The rumours about Shearer and Little were originally started by David Farrar and have been continuously mentioned by Cameron Slater.  The media should discount anything Farrar or Slater says about the Labour Party.

Of course the following day David Shearer announced his candidacy for leader, and is now considered the front runner.

But here is what is hilarious. Mickey Savage is in fact the Auckland Regional Chairman for the Labour Party. So myself and Whale were far more accurate, perceptive and informed on the issue of the Labour Party leadership than Labour’s own regional chairman where the two leadership candidates come from!!

That has to hurt.

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