The 2011 Trans-Tasman Ratings

December 15th, 2011 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

Transtasman has published its annual ratings for the 92 re-elected MPs. As usual, I do some analysis.

The overall average rating is 5.0 (+0.5 from 2010)

Average Ratings per Party

  1. Maori 5.8 (-1.0)
  2. National 5.2 (-0.2)
  3. United Future 5.0 (-0.5)
  4. Mana 5.0 (+3.0)
  5. Green 4.7 (+0.9)
  6. Labour 4.1 (-0.4)

Labour overall rated the bottom party, based on the MPs re-elected. The Greens are most improved of the parties with more than one MP.

Top MPs

  1. Gerry Brownlee 9.0 (+1.0)
  2. John Key 9.0 (nc)
  3. Bill English 8.5 (nc)

The next four MPs on 8.0 are Russel Norman, Tony Ryall, Lockwood Smith and Murray McCully. They say about Gerry:

As Minister in charge of directing recovery from the devastating earthquakes in Canterbury, and faced almost daily with hard decisions, Brownlee has shown his true mettle. He has stood four-square behind the Govt’s determination to rebuild Christchurch, and has given back hope to those whose homes and businesses were torn apart. The job is far from done and Brownlee is expected to remain in charge for at least a year as the process of rebuilding gathers pace. What may have exercised a strong influence on the outcome of the election, as National harvested majorities in onetime Labour fiefdoms in Christchurch, was the conviction the Govt totally supported the city, transmitted through the Brownlee personality, and built around the extraordinary generosity in the payouts to citizens whose homes had been destroyed.

Bottom MPs

  1. Rajan Prasad 1.0 (-3.0)
  2. David Clendon 2.0 (-1.5)
    Darien Fenton 2.0 (-2.0)
    Louisa Wall 2.0 (-2.0)
    William Sio 2.0 (-1.5)
    Parekura Horomia 2.0 (-1.0)
    Melissa Lee 2.0 (-1.5)
    Colin King 2.0 (-1.5)

And Rajen Prasad was rated higher on Labour’s List than Stuart Nash etc!

Top Labour MPs

  1. Annette King 6.0 (-0.5)
    David Parker 6.0 (-0.5)
    Phil Goff 6.0 (nc)
    David Cunliffe 6.0 (+0.5)
    Lianne Dalziel 6.0 (+0.5)
    Jacinda Ardern 6.0 (+1.0)
    Grant Robertson 6.0 (+1.0)

Top Third Party MPs

  1. Russel Norman 8.0 (+3.0)
  2. Tariana Turia – 6.5 (-.10)
  3. Metiria Turei 6.0 (+1.5)
    Pita Sharples 6.0 (-1.0)
  4. Peter Dunne – 5.0 (-0.5)
    Hone Harawira – 5.0 (+3.0)
    Te Ururoa Flavell 6.0 (-1.0)
    Gareth Hughes – 5.0 (+2.0)

Biggest Increases

  1. Hone Harawira +3.0
    Russel Norman +3.0
  2. Michael Woodhouse +2.0
    David Shearer +2.0
    Gareth Hughes +2.0

Biggest Decreases

  1. Rajan Prasad -3.0
  2. Paul Hutchison -.2.0
    Sue Moroney -2.0
    Darien Fenton -2.0
    Louisa Wall -2.0

Group Ratings

  1. Ministers 6.3 (-0.3)
  2. Cabinet 6.4 (-0.7)
  3. National frontbench 7.2 (-0.7)
  4. Labour frontbench 4.8 (-0.2)

6 Responses to “The 2011 Trans-Tasman Ratings”

  1. Manolo (22,044 comments) says:

    Rajen Prasad, an intellectual powerhouse and distinguished former Race Relations Conciliator and first Chief Commissioner of the Families Commission (thank you, Peter Dunne). On par with Parakura Horomia.

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  2. Mike S (189 comments) says:

    Melissa Lee – National’s answer to Rajan Prasad.

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  3. tvb (5,514 comments) says:

    Gerry Browlee has handled the earthquake well and National got a big political,bonus despite the news media running stories harping and carping about the Government response. Those of us out of CHCH felt the Government has been very generous. Indeed we cannot afford to be as generous for perhaps a generation and hopefully it will be that long before a similar large scale event happens. On mining minerals Brownlee was less successful but minerals are money in the bank so we can continue to borrow money instead.

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  4. Mike Readman (369 comments) says:

    Really? Generous to people whose homes have been destroyed? By paying out their EQC obligations? Gerry wasn’t even the minister in charge of EQC.

    [DPF: Ummn the spend is way beyond that. The Govt is buying people’s land off them for GV, if they are in the red zone]

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  5. Auberon (810 comments) says:

    Mike Readman, give yourself an uppercut. You clearly don’t know the first thing you’re talking about.

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  6. Jinky (197 comments) says:

    Very generous woth OTHER People’s Money

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