Labour candidates getting Green votes

January 27th, 2012 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

The table below lists in order what percentage of people who gave the Greens their party vote, gave their electorate vote to the Labour candidate.

This sort of is somewhat different to Labour and Green voters voting for a National candidate or vice-versa. This is more left-wing voters splitting their vote between two parties of the left. It is more a measure of how tactical Green voters were.

% of Gre PV voting Lab EV Lab
Manukau East 71.5%
Palmerston North 69.1%
Mt Albert 67.5%
Manurewa 66.8%
Christchurch East 66.4%
West Coast Tasman 64.2%
Rimutaka 64.0%
Waimakariri 63.2%
Rotorua 63.1%
Auckland Central 63.0%
Hamilton West 62.2%
Wellington Central 62.0%
Port Hills 61.7%
New Plymouth 60.5%
New Lynn 60.2%
Mt Roskill 59.1%
Te Atatu 59.1%
Ohariu 56.9%
Christchurch Central 56.3%
Napier 55.0%
Dunedin South 54.8%
Mana 54.4%
Wigram 54.3%
Hamilton East 53.3%
Whanganui 50.8%
Waitakere 50.8%
Otaki 50.6%
Hutt South 50.3%
Pakuranga 47.7%
Rongotai 46.2%
East Coast 44.9%
Rangitata 44.4%
Mangere 44.0%
Bay of Plenty 44.0%
Botany 43.9%
Northcote 43.2%
Nelson 43.1%
Dunedin North 42.7%
Wairarapa 41.4%
Maungakiekie 40.2%
Rangitikei 38.8%
Tukituki 36.3%
North Shore 36.1%
Invercargill 35.4%
Waikato 30.0%
Kaikoura 29.0%
East Coast Bays 28.0%
Rodney 27.5%
Tamaki 27.1%
Whangarei 26.9%
Papakura 26.2%
Taupo 25.7%
Waitaki 24.5%
Northland 24.5%
Taranaki-King Country 23.3%
Hunua 21.8%
Ilam 21.6%
Clutha Southland 19.3%
Selwyn 19.3%
Helensville 17.8%
Tauranga 17.6%
Coromandel 15.6%
Epsom 13.2%

There were 15 seats where over 60% of Green voters voted for the Labour candidate. This included the marginal and potentially marginal seats of Palmerston North, West Coast-Tasman, Rimutaka, Waimakariri, Acukaldn Central, Hamilton West, Wellington Central and New Plymouth.

In 28 seats over 50% of Green voters voted for the Labour candidate.

At the other end of the table, in 11 seats the Labour candidate got less than 25% of Green voters electorate votes.

5 Responses to “Labour candidates getting Green votes”

  1. Michael (1,065 comments) says:

    Not surprisingly, the stronger the seat for National the less likely the spliting occurs. Think that shows that Green voters prefer their own candidates but are more determined to make sure that National don’t win in a marginal seat. And almost all Labour seats were marginal this time, look at how many seats National won the party vote in.

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  2. s.russell (2,084 comments) says:

    How does this compare with 2008 I wonder. My guess is that the level of Green tactical voting has increased, but that is only a guess.

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  3. Joel Rowan (99 comments) says:

    And indeed, in Palmerston North, it was the Green voters that made most of the difference to Iain Lees-Galloway’s majority over Leonie Hapeta (of National). I’m guessing the same elsewhere. I suppose this is a sign that MMP is functioning, although in theory people should be able to judge the candidates on non-partisan matters – a Green voter shouldn’t feel a crisis of conscience if they like the National candidate’s personality or work ethic better. Never mind…

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  4. Clint Heine (1,535 comments) says:

    So what its saying is that despite huge support from Green supporters, Jacinda was still did awfully in the election and Labour have promoted her because some people thinks shes good looking.

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  5. pq (728 comments) says:

    A similar proportion of Labour tactical voting to Green in the next election would end the NAT Government .
    Key needs to get real about NZ First.

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