My Friday Herald column

February 5th, 2012 at 9:13 am by David Farrar

There was a glitch in publishing my normal Friday column in the Herald on Friday, but for those interested it is up now. I note:

If had received around 5,000 fewer party votes, or if voters in Epsom and Ohariu had failed to vote for the ACT and United Future candidates respectively, then the conflict over treaty clauses in SOEs would be critical. …

Parliament resumes next week, so should have no shortage of things to write about then.

3 Responses to “My Friday Herald column”

  1. lilman (1,203 comments) says:

    Disgusted with Key,he has shown lack of leadership on two issue lately.

    1. Dairy forced to subsidise the rest of New Zealand at the farmers personal cost.

    2. The current debate over Treaty status in asset sales.

    Wont get my vote agin or my wifes and note, she is Maori but identifys as a New Zealander first and foremost.

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  2. gazzmaniac (2,845 comments) says:

    I am still struggling to see what relevance a treaty that ensures everyone is the same in the eyes of the law, the government has first dibs on buying maori land, and the Queen is the soverign, has to do with selling state owned enterprises.

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  3. JasonBrown (1 comment) says:

    > ” … no shortage of things to write about … ”

    What, like the continued failure of news media to look into the Speaker telling his own government off for a “reckless misuse of official data”?

    Or how about something more recent like New Zealand links to The Proxy Platform? This involves billions in money laundering through thousands of shell companies registered here under our do-anything laws. Also not reported by the news media.

    Hey, here’s something the news media did report – a five month late story on money laundering, conveniently buried on page five of the print edition, and waaaay down the online page … See “Foreign crooks exploit weak laws”

    Perhaps Kiwiblog could then overlay these facts with an excellent analysis piece on a fascinating idea from Mr Pump n Dump, AKA the “Smiling Assassin” to turn New Zealand into a “finance centre” AKA tax haven.

    Or then again, Kiwiblog could just follow the news media back to Parliament for some more beneficiary bashing and outrage about a Dotcom fella, while billions in dirty money continue to flow through our 100% pure New Zealand.

    Yeah, let’s do that.

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