Back Benches 21 March 2012

March 19th, 2012 at 10:26 pm by Kokila Patel

THIS WEEK ON : Watch Wallace Chapman, Damian Christie, the Panel and special guests discuss the week’s hottest topics!

JAILHOUSE BLUES: Old regional prisons are going to be closed and replaced with a shiny new one at Wiri in South Auckland. Closing prisons—that must be a good thing, right? Well, the new prison is privately-built and run. Plus without regional prisons—will prisoners lose touch with the families? Will it impact their rehabilitation? Do the closings mean a loss of jobs? But then again—is one new modern prison better than a bunch of run down old prisons? Is a gaol from the 1860s conducive to rehabilitation?

NATIONAL vs. LOCAL: Local council debt and our rates are on the rise and the Government wants to do something about it. Local Government Minister Dr. Nick Smith is expected to announce sweeping reforms this week aimed at reducing debt levels and curbing local powers. Are the reforms needed? What should we expect to get from our council rates? What should local councils be responsible for vs. National Government? Will any reforms mean we pay less?

Join us for a night of LIVE pub politics from the Backbencher Pub: Wednesday, 21st of March. Our Panel: Labour MP Phil Goff, Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira, and National MP Michael Woodhouse.

Wednesday at 9.05pm and Saturday at 10.05pm | TVNZ 7

3 Responses to “Back Benches 21 March 2012”

  1. Yoza (3,125 comments) says:

    Looking forward to it, I’ll be going along to the Back Benchers to support Hone.

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  2. Put it away (2,883 comments) says:

    We should contract our worst crims out to Thailand, they could put them up in a hellhole prison cheaper than we could.

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  3. Shazzadude (587 comments) says:

    Quite historic-that’d be Phil Goff’s Backbenchers debut right?

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