NRT on workplace flexibility

April 3rd, 2012 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

Idiot/Savant blogs at NRT:

National is actually doing something positive for ordinary people for once, with plans to extend flexible working hours provisions – which currently apply only to caregivers – to all workers. Its a good move. The Department of Labour’s review of the provisions found that there had been no problems with their implementation (contrary to the wailing from employers when the law was passed), and that it produced significant benefits for employers (such as reduced turnover and improved productivity).

I’m all in favour of flexible working hours. If only MUNZ were also!

5 Responses to “NRT on workplace flexibility”

  1. Grendel (1,064 comments) says:

    wtf would malcolm harbrow know about work places, flexible or otherwise, he would need to leave uni first. or maybe he asks his partner what works like?

    and of course he assumes that employer distaste over the state enforced implementation was to do with the actual law and not the fact that its none of the govts business what provisions i agree with with my employees. and also that just becuase a govt dept says it went fine, does not mean it has.

    they also said that the mandatory breast feeding rooms were done smoothly as well, but i know from talking to people in the know that that law change as well as the ‘flexible (for the employee, but not the employer)’ law has been a pain in the ass for a lot of employers.

    but of course malcolm would need a job to ever find that out and its unlikely to happen, becuase malcolm is very picky about what jobs he might take, he finds so many of them distasteful and does not want to be ‘one of those people’ but being a leech on society is fine though.

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  2. Viking2 (14,380 comments) says:

    Well with our Ministers now all being from University just like Clark’s lot we can look forward to more of this crap. Get out of our workplaces full stop. Give us back the contracts Act and let two consenting adults do what they fucking like.

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  3. Innocent bystander (163 comments) says:

    Grendel your ongoing obsession with No Right Turn is creepy and weird. What’s the matter, are you holding a grudge because he hit you too hard with a squeaky hammer once?

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  4. Grendel (1,064 comments) says:

    Ongoing? yeah whatever. hardly an obsession, i would comment on him very rarely.

    i simply do not like hypocrisy and the fact that he is prepared to sit in his echo chamber spouting his rubbish and not allowing anyone to challenge his views.

    it just so happens that i know a bit about the bludger which i am prepared to share to shed some light on to where his opinions come from.

    anyone who works (or is trying to work) for a living should rightly hold a grudge against someone with all the ability to work and contribute to society but who refuses to do so, lives off the rest of us and then berates those who do work hard as being ‘rich pricks’

    if you want to see obsession go back to the standard and see their spittle flecked obsession about Whale, who at least has the balls to stand behind his opinions and let people challenge them to his face (well via the net), same goes for DPF.

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  5. Innocent bystander (163 comments) says:

    Idiot / savant doesn’t allow comments on his blog, big deal. I am sure he also doesn’t allow people to come into his house and shit on the carpet.

    Lots of people choose to moderate their blogs, even DPF moderates to some extent for comments that are defamatory or too offensive even for Kiwiblog. This takes time and probably isn’t as much fun as writing blog posts. Most bloggers are doing it for love not money, so why would they waste time and energy on something that actually isn’t all that rewarding?

    On the other hand, blogs that are either not moderated or poorly moderated quickly become a complete circus and drive away people who might actually have something interesting to say but can’t be bothered with that sort of crap. If you don’t want to spend time moderating comments and are not an egotistical control freak, like lprent on the Standard for example, who clearly gets some pleasure at being the biggest swinging dick on his blog, then it is probably easier not to allow comments at all.

    At the end of the day, if you don’t like how a blog is run, don’t whine pathetically on other blogs about how no one wants to listen to you, just don’t read it.

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