Rating Councillors

April 11th, 2012 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

The Press has done a report card on the Christchurch City Councillors.

I think such report cards are a good thing, as the average resident does not follow Council business closely enough to gain an informed opinion of which Councillors are performing. It is of course just an subjective rating, but they give reasons. I do think however that the article should list which staffers did the ratings, in the interests of transparency.

I also think the way the Wellingtonian did it, is a good model. Rather than do ratings just from their staff, they assembled a panel and got them to rate the Councillors.

Anyway the ratings are:

  • Tim Carter B+
  • Yani Johanson B+
  • Glenn Livingstone B+
  • Sue Wells B
  • Claudia Reid B
  • Jamie Gough B
  • Ngaire Button C
  • Aaron Keown C
  • Bob Parker C
  • Jimmy Chen C-
  • Helen Broughton D+
  • Barry Corbett D
  • Sally Buck D

plans to repeat the ratings before the October 2013 elections.

10 Responses to “Rating Councillors”

  1. V (1,592 comments) says:

    Looked like complete rubbish to me.
    A read of the ‘reviews’ doesn’t really leave people any the wiser.

    Hard to assess context, if some councillers are described as inserting pessimism or negativity, well what is the context for this? If they are speaking up against bulls**t spending ideas, then perhaps precisely this pessimism/negativity is required? Sure they won’t win a popularity contest, but its not mean’t to be one is it?

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  2. tvb (5,515 comments) says:

    I dislike these report cards as they are a form of vanity publishing with a “reporter” rating people when in many cases the “rater”is a second rate person in themselves.

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  3. YesWeDid (1,085 comments) says:

    Living in CHCH and having a passing interest in local body politics I’d have to say the ratings looked fair and reasonably impartial. There are councillors from both the left and right at the top and bottom of the ratings.

    The comments about Ngaire Button are spot on and I’d say Aaron Keown was lucky to get a ‘C’.

    Barry Corbett is a classic example of the limitations of local body politics, he has name recognition from his time as a radio broadcaster (and therefore gets votes) but offers little to the council.

    Yani Johanson seems to have evolved from his ‘opposed to everything’ attitude and the two new young councillors, Tim & Jamie, seem to have made a good start.

    Bob is now a liability, he does the media stuff well but is no leader.

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  4. V (1,592 comments) says:


    Read this to discover why the council are a bunch of imbiciles.
    Why does the council prefer option 5 compared to say option 2?

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  5. Paulus (3,567 comments) says:

    Don’t panic – a certain Christchurch Labour MP is looking for a job (anything – but Mayor will do) so it will be WYSWYG.
    She will sort ’em all out

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  6. labours a joke (442 comments) says:

    …and they want to spend 91 million getting rid of the one way streets. 91 million !!! They work. It aint broke. Dont fix it.

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  7. freethinker (776 comments) says:

    Once again either our councilors have got their priorities wrong or have failed to inform ratepayers of the reason for putting entertainment facilities ahead of fixing the essentials. The proposed rate rise is so outrageous and ill conceived in this economic climate that government will fail in its essential duty if it does not prevent the rise or sack the council so ratepayers can decide who they want to represent them based on candidates policies. I understand the recent rating of councilors could not be extended to the Town Clerk (CEO) as there are no available rating below Z- which was clearly something he could not achieve.

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  8. iMP (2,665 comments) says:

    As someone who follows the local stuff quite a bit, I think it is fair-ish, although I would have put McKeown a D. The two young bucks (Carter and Johannsen, in the same ward) have made lots of noise (they run to the media first; but are widely blamed for the media leaks and a lack of integrity amongst harder working collegaues who don’t seek the limelight.

    There are some who say one of them has actively undermined the mayor, so I’m not sure they deserve the B+. But then, thisd was assessed by a journalist looking for copy, and thes eboys provide plenty of it.

    Also, how can Bob go from everyone thinking he should have a knighthood, to being a C, in just a few months with earthquakes inbetween? He’s at the top so has copped a lot of unfair flak plus the active party political undermining that has been going on, so his C is a bit low in my estimation.

    Personally, after he steps down, I can;’t wait for the book on what went on behind the scenes.

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  9. wiseowl (2,282 comments) says:

    Sorry DPF but I strngly disagree.
    Having been in a position where a scorecard was produced close to an election where the reporter was as tvb says, a second rate left wing reporter , I saw the demise of a number of councillors who were hard working,stable and good decision makers.

    The reporter attended hardly any meetings, seemed to favour certain councillors who fed material that was never contested as to authenticity and attributed wrong decisions to the wrong councillors.

    Reporters also have no idea what really happens outside council meetings.For example I was involved in a number of ratepayer complaints that were sensitive and required considerable strength in advocacy. I deserved a medal for working through many isssues.
    Also councillors who are on hearings committees are also in a position where they have to be impartial and scrupulously distanced from some issues.They may not be able to be as outspoken as other councillors who are free to hit the media.

    Reporters should stick to reporting news.

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  10. pq (728 comments) says:

    not a bad call by the Press, but the major problem is the insane Mayor.

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