Select Committee Chairs

April 11th, 2012 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

Jo Moir at Stuff reports:

A promotion for New Plymouth MP will keep his finger on the pulse of energy issues affecting the region.

The National Party senior team including Prime Minister John Key, his deputy Bill English and Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee have appointed Mr Young to a new role as chair of the commerce select committee.

This article is correct in substance, but not in process.

The PM can not appoint a Select Committee Chair. The Commerce Committee elects its own chair.

However the inevitable process is the PM and senior Ministers and/or advisors decide whom the Government wants as a chair of a select committee, and that person gets elected.

If the Government does not have a majority on a select committee, then the committee can block the proposed nominee, but this is rare.

Generally the Government will consent to some chairs and/or deputy chairs being from non-Government parties. At present these are:

  • Commerce Deputy Chair – Clayton Consgrove, Labour
  • Foreign Affairs Deputy Chair – Kennedy Graham, Greens
  • Govt Admin Chair – Ruth Dyson, Labour
  • Local Govt & Environment Deputy Chair – Eugenie Sage, Greens
  • Maori Affairs Deputy Chair – Parekura Horomia, Labour
  • Primary Production Deputy Chair – Damien O’Connor, Labour
  • Regulations Review Chair – Charles Chauvel, Greens Labour



3 Responses to “Select Committee Chairs”

  1. Elaycee (4,536 comments) says:

    “Regulations Review Chair – Charles Chauvel, Greens”

    Heh….. Are you announcing another Waka jumper?

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  2. dubya (531 comments) says:

    I don’t think Piggy Chauvel would last for long on the compulsory Green Macrobiotic diet, DPF…

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  3. Daigotsu (485 comments) says:

    Why the fuck is Ruth Dyson a chair? I didn’t vote Labour out just so they could run government admin. What a bunch of bollocks. She ought to be chucked on the fucking scrapheap not given a cushy government job!

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