WOF checks

NZ Herald reports:

The six month warrant of fitness check may be a thing of the past under reforms being looked at by the government.

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee’s thrown up a host of ideas around vehicle licensing reform, with the aim of saving millions in unnecessary costs and times for both households, businesses and the government.

In the spotlight is our inspection system, which he says is one of the most frequent in the OECD.

Under the current system a warrant’s required every six months unless your car is less than five years old – then it’s an annual check.

My car has just moved from annual to six monthly checks and it is a pain. The six months fly past so quickly. I can’t think of anytime when a six month check picks anything up which is urgent and wouldn’t wait for the annual check.

Plus many drivers are having regular service inspections as well as WOF checks.

It seems no other country has WOF checks as often as NZ does.

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