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May 8th, 2012 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

Mobile 2degrees will today launch a new offer that knocks down one of the biggest mobile data customer pain points by allowing customers to share data from one account.

Shared Data” means a customer can use data from one account across a range of devices, or share that data with friends and family, provided they too are on 2degrees’ network.

Malcolm Phillipps, 2degrees’ chief marketing officer, said 46 per cent of mobile users now have more than one device while 72 per cent of those with a mobile data plan don’t use their full allocation.

Shared Data will address both of those issues and simplify account administration and payment for customers.

Now, many customers “tether” devices such as iPads, setting up a wifi network from their smartphones and using that for their tablet to avoid extra data charges. Shared Data means customers will no longer have to do that, said Phillipps.

This is a good initiative. To save money I tether my devices but it can be a hassle to bluetooth them together and to have them all with you. I’m currently with Telecom and Vodafone on contract but could consider 2degrees at some stage. Of course quality is also a factor. Telecom has been good for signal availability and strength.

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  1. MarkWylie (12 comments) says:

    I have been extremely happy with 2degrees, my wife uses their post pay plans on her iPhone 4s, and it works really well, fast and great coverage. On our iPad2 the service is very snappy in Wellington CBD and fine in the suburbs. The only caveat is that they still have a split between National data plans and the plans where they have their own cell sites, but this will reduce over time. Then it just rolls onto Vodafone so it’s acceptable.

    If my phone was not with my work’s plan I’d be on 2degrees in a heart beat. I’m very impressed they launched this data sharing service, I can see it being a great assistance to many.

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  2. Griff (13,845 comments) says:

    About time
    I run one account for phone and another for data
    This was set up and locked in for two years (expires this week) because the data-phone options available at the time cost more combined than separate.
    I would not consider my self a power user yet have seen the need for such a billing system for at least the last six years
    2degrees has brought welcome competition to the telecommunication market
    Vodafone and telecom will hopefully become more proactive in meeting the consumers needs Or lose even more market share to companies that do

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  3. insider (935 comments) says:

    And then I read about a guy in the US who uses netflix to watch his favourite TV on his 3g ipad in his car as the family drives across country.

    Not complaining, it just tells you how far we and telcos have to go in terms of mobile data costs and what a huge advantage scale is in terms of enabling innovation.

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  4. jonno1 (106 comments) says:

    Slightly misleading as there will be an additional charge of $5/mth+$1/device/mth. Not a deal-breaker but probably only break-even for a low bandwidth user (50-100MB/mth). That said, good for convenience and/or high users.

    Like Griff I’ve been running two numbers for a while, initially both only 2G on a dual-sim phone, then two phones, 1 with 3G. Coincidentally today I bit the bullet and ported my 021 number to 2degrees – piece of cake, all done within an hour.

    I tend to support the underdog, so having started with Telecom (in the 80s), moved to Vodafone & now to 2degrees. Who’s next? đŸ™‚ I gave Bellsouth a miss though!

    Will be porting my landlines to VoIP soon – just sorting out a deal for bare DSL – so goodbye to Telecom & ISPs in general.

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  5. MT_Tinman (4,388 comments) says:

    I have no business with 2degrees, never have had and possibly never will but I do have a question;

    This is the second (in two days) “news” story that is simply and advertisement for the subject of the story Has the definition of “news” changed?

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  6. ebenezer (1 comment) says:

    Have just changed to 2Degrees from Vodafone for mobile. With vodafone about 15 years. What a difference. Early days yet, but support (when needed) great, plans great, and DATA sharing excellent. No extra charges, just added onto to my really good plan, and USB data stick just arrived free.

    Vodafone could only offer me a new plan at 66% more expensive and not as good either, and no free Android or data stick. No competition really.

    Look forward to happier and cheaper days with this company. Persuading rest of family to switch soon.

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