2degrees shared data

Stuff reports:

Mobile 2degrees will today launch a new offer that knocks down one of the biggest mobile data customer pain points by allowing customers to share data from one account.

Shared Data” means a customer can use data from one account across a range of devices, or share that data with friends and family, provided they too are on 2degrees’ network.

Malcolm Phillipps, 2degrees’ chief marketing officer, said 46 per cent of mobile users now have more than one device while 72 per cent of those with a mobile data plan don’t use their full allocation.

Shared Data will address both of those issues and simplify account administration and payment for customers.

Now, many customers “tether” devices such as iPads, setting up a wifi network from their smartphones and using that for their tablet to avoid extra data charges. Shared Data means customers will no longer have to do that, said Phillipps.

This is a good initiative. To save money I tether my devices but it can be a hassle to bluetooth them together and to have them all with you. I’m currently with Telecom and Vodafone on contract but could consider 2degrees at some stage. Of course quality is also a factor. Telecom has been good for signal availability and strength.

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