Eurocalypse Now?

This should be a superb debate and discussion in Auckland.

Eurocalypse Now?

a discussion with

Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament


H E Francis Etienne, French Ambassador to New Zealand

chaired by

Dr Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director, The New Zealand Initiative

Can the Euro crisis get any worse?

With a pro-growth Socialist president firmly installed in France, Greece in political gridlock, soaring unemployment and a deepening banking crisis in Spain, and Angela Merkel’s pro-austerity Christian Democrats suffering a crushing defeat in the big German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, are we finally approaching the end game for the European Union?

Join Dr Oliver Hartwich, executive director of The New Zealand Initiative, for a moderated discussion with firebrand anti- Member of the European Parliament and Youtube sensation Daniel Hannan and French Ambassador to New Zealand and cheerleader His Excellency Francis Etienne.

I so wish I could attend. If you wish to attend, you need to register at this page.

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