More PC gone mad

The Herald reports:

A petition has been launched over an adoption joke in the newAvengers movie that organisers have slammed as “insulting”.

The petition, which has 247 signatures, is over a line muttered by Chris Hemsworth’s character , after Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow tells him his brother Loki – a villain – has killed “80 people in two days”.

Thor replies: “He’s adopted.”

Petition organiser Jamie Berke said scriptwriter Joss Whedon should have thought about how the line would impact on viewers who were adopted themselves.

“According to your scriptwriter, the fact (Loki) was adopted is the reason he is a bad guy,” Berke said.

Mr Berke is a moron. The media are also stupid for giving publicity to a moron with a global petion petition that has only 247 signatures. How is this newsworthy? Is every idiot with no sense of humour now international news.

I happen to to know a bit about Thor. I’ve read well pretty much all 700 issues of the Marvel Comic the film is based on. I also have studied the original Norse mythology.

Even if the film was suggesting Loki is bad because he is adopted, Mr Berke should lighten up.  It is a film. But what Berke fails to know is that Loki is not the child of other gods, adopted by Odin. He is the son of Fárbauti and Laufey. Fárbauti (or Laufey in the comics) is a frost giant – one of those evil creatures that generally kill men (and gods). So the adoption reference is actually a reference to Loki being half-giant.

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