The 2012 Register of Pecuniary Interests

The full register is here. Nothing scandalous there, but the media have pointed out that Labour’s campaign on the evils of Sky City’s casino didn’t stop them accepting numerous RWC tickets from Sky City!

Some of the more interesting or unusual entries:

  • Jacinda Ardern got free tickets to four RWC games including the semi-final and final – the most impressive collection for a (then) backbencher
  • Gerry Brownlee was given a framed All Blacks RWC jersey
  • Cam Calder owns a restoration project of a ruin in Gers, France
  • David Carter and Peter Dunne scored “only” three RWC games, but they were the quarter-final, semi-final and the final
  • Charles Chauvel had three overseas trips partially paid for by the UNDP, relating to the UN Commissioner on HIV
  • Clayton Cosgrove is the Patron of the North Canterbury Special Olympics
  • Craig Foss got four RWC tickets, including both semi-finals but missed out on the final
  • Phil Goff had five RWC games, including a quarter, a semi and the final
  • Paul Goldsmith declared income from the Creative NZ Author’s Fund for books he has published in NZ
  • Chris Hipkins made the RWC Final courtesy of Sky TV
  • John Key got the most impressive gift, being a replica of Frodo’s sword “Sting” from Lord of the Rings (a gift from Obama)
  • Trevor Mallard got tickets (he is shadow sports spokesperson) to at least five different RWC games, from the NZRU, IRB, RWC 2011, Rugby World Cup Ltd and Sky City
  • Ian McKelvie is the Chairman of Special Olympics New Zealand
  • Winston Peters has shares in his own strategic development advisory company and also in a project management company
  • Rajen Prasad is an active paid director in the Bank of Baroda (NZ), a subsidiary of the Indian Bank of that name. This might explain why he seems to have so little parliamentary activity!
  • Tony Ryall is a shareholder in a textile sales company with his wife, called Maisie and Llew Limited (very cute – the names of their kids)
  • Pita Sharples also got tickets to a RWC quarter, semi and the final – plus the opening ceremony
  • David Shearer might get the prize for best RWC haul, with six freebie games including the opening, quarter, semi and final
  • Metiria Turei has an interest in NZ Biograins Ltd and Comvita NZ Ltd
  • Nicky Wagner has the coolest name for a trust – the Timelord Trust
  • Louisa Wall was a RWC commentator for TV3
  • National MP Jian Yang declared the gift of a Chinese painting from Labour MP Raymond Huo

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