Deputy Auditor-General to inquire into convention centre tender

June 13th, 2012 at 1:20 pm by David Farrar

The Office of the has announced:

The Deputy Auditor-General, Phillippa Smith, has decided to carry out an inquiry into the expressions of interest (EOI) process for proposals to establish an international convention centre. This document sets out the terms of reference for the inquiry. …

The inquiry will examine:

  • the overall process for seeking and assessing proposals for an international convention centre;
  • the adequacy of the assessment of the likely costs and benefits of each proposal; and
  • any other matters the Deputy Auditor-General considers it desirable to report on.

The inquiry is being carried out under sections 16 and 18(1) of the Public Audit Act 2001. We will not comment while the inquiry is under way, but will publish a report when the inquiry is completed.

The Auditor-General has a small share-holding in , so hence the Deputy is doing the inquiry.

It is good that DAG is investigating. On the basis of what is known, I don’t think there is a problem – but sunlight is the best disinfectant. We benefit from having a strong and independent Auditor-General and associated office.

It is important that the decision to in principle award the contract to Sky City was made in a sound and fair way. The inquiry will look into that and either confirm it was, or point out deficiencies – either way it will be good to have its conclusions.

Labour and Greens have called for negotiations to halt during the inquiry. The parties may decide to do this, but I don’t see it as a major issue. Even if a agreement is reached, it can only be enacted by Act of Parliament which would take six to 12 months and go through normal select committee scrutiny.

10 Responses to “Deputy Auditor-General to inquire into convention centre tender”

  1. david (2,344 comments) says:

    We can do without the pious whining from Metira Turei about “this looks bad for John Key” etc.

    FFS why not let the DAG get on and then jump all over the report when it comes out?

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  2. Mark (1,611 comments) says:

    One expects that JK has had better weeks.

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  3. fish_boy (152 comments) says:

    This isn’t good for John Key.

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  4. Pongo (512 comments) says:

    What is wrong with this bloody country. 800 construction jobs and a 1000 jobs going forward, most countries would laud this but oh no not here just in case a dozen people get a new outlet to loose their money, as if there arnt enough opportunities to do that already.
    Do the deal Key, we elected you to do deals if we wanted politics as usual we would have elected those fools in labour.

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  5. Simon (1,603 comments) says:

    Can anyone ask the AG to audit any public body?

    The Auditor-General may at any time examine—
    (a)the extent to which a public entity is carrying out its activities effectively and efficiently:

    How about an audit of that retard Len Brown Fail Rail $3 billion piss agasinst the wall

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  6. cows4me (248 comments) says:

    And how much does this bullshit cost the country? Perhaps if these intellectually challenged fruit-loops spent more time forwarding ideas on how to grow the economy rather then spend precious dollars on political posturing more may take them seriously. Fuck the lot of these commie suckholes.

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  7. mikenmild (23,591 comments) says:

    Yes, heaven forbid that we should have some bureaucrat poking her nose in to check that all is above board. However could we get anything done if we followed established processes?

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  8. publicwatchdog (5,630 comments) says:

    The President and Board of the New Zealand National Party are delighted to invite you to the 76th Annual General Meeting and Conference. This year the conference is being held in the Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland and will officially commence at 8:00am on Saturday 21 July, concluding following the Prime Ministers speech at midday on Sunday 22nd July.

    Friday 20th July 2012

    Candidates College: The first meeting of the Class of 2014 is scheduled for 8:30am to 12:30pm followed by lunch from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. Marlborough Rooms 1&2 on Level 5 of the Convention Centre.

    Electorate Chairs: This annual meeting commences with lunch at 12:30pm and the meeting starting at 1:30pm in Marlborough Rooms 1&2 on Level 5 of the Conference Centre. (These times are approximate and subject to change)

    Online registrations will be available from the 12th June or print off the registration form below.

    Registrations are restricted to 2012 members only, so please ensure you have renewed your membership.


    See how long this comment stays up on the NBR!

    “The Serious Fraud Office (SFO), together with the Police, has joint responsibility for investigating a range of bribery and corruption matters that can include secret commissions, ‘kickbacks’ and other forms of unlawful payments. The payment of these types of bribes is not only illegal under New Zealand law – it is also a crime to pay bribes to public officials in other countries.

    While the SFO is the primary referral agency for cases of bribery or corruption, we jointly assess such matters with the Police. The cases we investigate are typically matters that involve complex financial trails or public officials. Other cases will usually be dealt with by the Police.
    Corruption indicators

    Any or all of the following may be indicative of corrupt or unlawful payments:

    Abnormal cash payments

    Pressure exerted for payments to be made urgently or ahead of schedule

    Payments made through a third party country (i.e. goods or services supplied to country A with payment to a shell company in country B)

    Payments made to a third party with no apparent connection with a commercial transaction

    Payments made to a private account or private address

    Abnormally high commission percentage paid to an agency (this may be split into two accounts for the same agent, often in different jurisdictions)

    Private meetings with public contractors or companies tendering for contracts

    Lavish gifts or other forms of hospitality

    Individuals who never take time off, even if ill, or insist on dealing with specific contractors themselves

    Unexpected or illogical decisions in accepting projects or contracts

    Unusually smooth process of cases where individuals do not have the expected level of knowledge or expertise

    Ignoring normal decision-making processes or delegated powers in specific cases

    Agreeing to contracts that aren’t favourable to the organisation

    Unexplained preference for certain contractors during a tendering period

    Avoidance of independent checks on tendering or contracting processes

    Bypassing normal tendering/contractors procedures

    Agreeing to invoices in excess of a contract without reasonable cause

    Missing documents or records of meetings or decisions ”


    ” Mr Joyce says the government is “confident the expressions of interest process was transparent and each application was assessed on its merit”.


    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption campaigner’

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  9. Luc Hansen (4,573 comments) says:

    Is it true that JK said. “Nothing to fear, nothing to hide..I didn’t oome up the river on a cabbage boat”?

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  10. Paulus (3,566 comments) says:

    I have tried to understand the opposition to John Key and the Nationa led Government – principally personally JK.
    So I looked at the opposition:-
    Labour Party
    Greenpeace Party
    Parliamentary Press Gallery – above normal media
    Hone Hanky
    Auckland Council, and other City Councils
    Public Service in Wellington
    Many local Governments

    I am sure I have missed somebody for which I apologise.

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