How long do blood tests take?

Stuff reports:

Outrageous Fortune star has described herself as ”bloody idiot” after testing over the legal limit at a random breath test at a downtown Auckland checkpoint last month.

Malcolm has not yet been charged with any offence relating to the tests but agreed to make a statement to the Sunday Star-Times after it learned of the incident.

Malcolm took the evidential breath-test at a checkpoint in Hopetoun St, Auckland, on May 19 at about 10pm.

”I had been routinely stopped and breath tested and found to be over the legal limit for alcohol,” Malcolm said in a statement. 

”It was, and is my intention to front up the media about this as I have no interest in hiding what happened. However I was advised by my lawyer not to comment until I had been charged.  

”As this issue will now be made public prior to any charge, I would like to front up regardless.

”I had been out for dinner with colleagues on the night in question. I was driving a friend home when I was stopped at a routine checkpoint. I was not speeding or driving in a dangerous manner. I told the police officer that I had been out to dinner, and had drunk wine.   

”I was subsequently breath tested at the check point, and have given a blood test. I am currently awaiting the results to the blood test. At this stage I have not been formally charged with anything.

Does it normally take two weeks to get the results of a blood test? I don’t know from personal experience, but I have worked in a medical laboratory and most testing is done within 48 hours.

It will be interesting to see what the actual level recorded in the blood test is. While both are illegal, there is a difference between being marginally over (one glass too many) and being way over.

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