Not a popular prison protest it seems

The HoS reports:

Prisoners who seized a disused watchtower and broadcast messages of protest at Auckland Prison in Paremoremo seem to have little support from fellow inmates.

, nicknamed Houdini, and an older, unnamed inmate took control of the prison tower on Friday morning. At noon yesterday, they started scrawling messages on the glass of the tower.

Aware of news media near the prison, they placed a black blanket behind the message to make it visible. It said: “Peaceful protest against department”.

They also wrote “Contact Peter Williams QC”. He said he was available to mediate.

But shouted comments from other inmates, audible from a road nearby, included “jump”, “hang yourself” and “what are you waiting for?”

Heh, not quite the messages of support they were probably hoping for. I imagine they thought they would be seen as heroes fighting the system, but the universal belief seems to be they are just dicks.

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