Parking Charges

NewstalkZb reports:

Auckland motorists are in line to be hit hard in the pocket if they want to park in the CBD in future.

Consultation is underway for Auckland Transport’s proposal to remove time restrictions and replace them with a single approach to pricing.

It’ll see hourly rates of between three and five dollars for the first hour, and between five and eight dollars each hour thereafter – so potentially costing around $30 for four hours’ parking.

Auckland Transport’s Mark Hannan says if people are parking all day, they should be looking at parking buildings instead.

“The aim is basically to get people moving in and out all the time. We don’t want people to park all day on city streets.”

The consultation period runs until July 1.

I quite like the idea of higher charges for longer periods. I agree streetside parking should be for relatively short periods of time – a quick shop, a meal etc. More than 90 minutes or so, and you should be in a parking building.


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