Te Papa funding looks safe

The Dom Post reports:

Funding for and for shifting Wellington’s SPCA headquarters could be revived after a review of the city council’s assets.

In a series of recommendations to Wellington City Council’s strategy and policy committee, officers have approved funding for the SPCA’s move to the Chest Hospital on Mt Victoria, rejuvenation of Miramar town centre, expansions to Johnsonville shopping centre and a restoration of Te Papa’s funding.

The proposed funding will be debated by councillors at tomorrow’s committee meeting, before the final approval of Wellington’s long-term plan for 2012-22.

In March, councillors agreed to cut $1.25 million funding for Te Papa.

Council officers had found the necessary savings by stretching out the life of infrastructure around the city, mayor Celia Wade-Brown said yesterday.

This is a good outcome. I blogged a few weeks ago how 70% of the Te Papa funding came from CBD tourism businesses who were aghast at the funding cut – they view Te Papa as a major source of income for them. Maintaining the funding is a sensible economic decision.

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