Media and political affiliations

Whale blogs an e-mail from someone who responded to a call on Twitter from TVNZ, wanting to interview people interested in purchasing MRP shares.

When he was asked if he belongs to a political party, he answered “National” and was told he couldn’t be used.

Now I actually think this is a good thing that TVNZ is asking political affiliations of people who volunteer for stories. It’s a damn sight better than what happened with TV3’s “independent” worm which was stacked full of left-wing activists.

I’m not sure whether mere party membership (as opposed to activism) was a conflict of interest for this story, but as I said it is good that TVNZ is asking. I just wish would do it more often – and to all parties. The number of times there has been some sob story person on TV or in the newspaper, and I’ve instantly recognised them as a prominent Labour or Green activist is too many to count.

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