Stuff reports:

A Northern Territory man may be flown to Adelaide after a party trick involving setting off firecrackers  between his buttocks went badly wrong.

The 23-year-old man was at a party in the Darwin suburb of Rapid  Creek on Saturday night when he decided to let the cracker off, NT police said.

”It appears a party was in full progress when a young male  decided to place a firework between the cheeks of his bottom and  light it,” said Senior Sergeant Garry Smith.

”What must of seemed to be a great idea at the time has  backfired, resulting in the male receiving quite severe and very  painful burns to his cheeks, back and private bits,” Senior Sgt Smith  said.

Alcohol was a possible factor involved in the stunt, police  said.Paramedics were called although the man had reportedly already  taken himself to hospital by the time they arrived.

If alcohol was not a factor, then that’s one really stupid Aussie! Actually even with alcohol, still pretty stupid!