Unlikely to be seen in NZ

Rebecca Kamm writes in the Herald:

 Nonetheless, it might be a relief to a few of you that ladies really can get a sweet bargain out there if they play their cards right. Like in Southern China, where women get half-price entry into the Guilin Merryland Resort fun park if they wear a mini-skirt shorter than 38 centimetres.

The discount scheme is a marketing campaign called “Love Miniskirt” and will run for two months. Local television showed female visitors in miniskirts queuing at the park’s entrance as staff measured their skirts with rulers. Also, staff had to break the news to women in short shorts and dresses that ONLY MINISKIRTS SORRY.

I may be wrong, but I suspect the park ended up with more revenue, due to a higher than normal number of male patrons attending.

Li Wenxing, deputy manager of the park, told Shanghai Dailythat “The stipulation aims to encourage female visitors to showcase their beauty in summer.” He also said that “Love Miniskirt”, which has been running every year since 2007, really gets the punters into the park. Which, incidentally, holds a “water splashing festival” at the same time – and throwing water at mini-skirted women is very much a part of that.

Sounds almost as much fun as La Tomatima!

It’s not the first time a Chinese event has drawn in the women with fruity discounts. Last year, virgins were offered free entry into the Zhouluo Wild Osmanthus Fragrans Festival in Changsha, which celebrates the osmanthus fragrans, or tea olive (and compares it to a “pure and simple female”). The virgins had to be at least 22 years old – and who knows how anyone was supposed to know that they’d never done it – but there you go.

I doubt you could do such a festival in Huntly.

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